Premiere: Olivia McShane releases new video for debut single ‘Every Colour Of You’

Here we have a new singer songwriter, Olivia McShane, sharing the video for her debut single Every Colour Of You. What a fantastic entrance, capturing the delirium of love with rich production and pastel tones. Written in lockdown, the lyrics describe fears of a loss of identity; ‘I need to breath on my own, before I forget how to’. But they don’t sound fearful, in amongst the flowing guitar lines and floating bedsheets; the atmosphere is too warm and thick for her to separate herself from the feels. All may not be well in paradise forever, but for now she can lie back and resolve to sort shit out in the morning.

Talking to Fault about the video, McShane said ‘My friends work in the film industry and they had hired kit leftover from a job they’d been on, so we had four hours before they had to give it back to the rental business. So yeah, it was a very fun but hectic dash to film it, everyone with masks on inside my small flat where I also have my music studio. The more home video-y black and white footage was shot by my boyfriend on the iPhone. I love the rawness of this, it goes with what my musical aesthetic has always strived to be: homemade, intimate. I grew up loving a lot of stuff like Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith, Mazzy Star, so I love imperfections.’