Mekai Curtis in conversation with FAULT Magazine

Blazer – Versace
Shirt – Mark Gong
Trouser – Versace
Shoes – Converse

Photographer Zach Fernandez

Stylist – Mickey Freeman at The Only Agency

Fashion Editor – Edith Walker Millwood

Words By – Amirah Jones

Mekai Curtis is no newbie to acting and has played a wide range of characters, as well as doing
voice overs, at the youthful and vibrant age of twenty years old! Just recently, his most recent debut
playing Kanan Stark, on STARZ “Power Book III: Raising Kanan ” came about and this character is
nothing like the others. If you’re familiar with the original “Power” cast (which I hope you are but if
not, you’ll surely want to binge that series), you know actor/rapper/entrepreneur 50 Cent played the
very ruthless adult Kanan while Mekai is now stepping into the shoes of the fifteen year old Kanan,
giving us the backstory on how he became who he was. During this interview, Mekai and I chatted
about everything from his love for the arts, what his experience was like being a part of the “Power”
family, to what other roles he’d love to play in the future!

You’ve done everything from acting to voice overs and you’re also a musician! Has
being a part of the arts always been within you and do you see yourself branching out
into other areas within the art/creative space?

MEKAI CURTIS: Being a part of the arts definitely has always been within me. My
Father is a musician, so that was pretty much the seed from where this all started. I
started with music and somehow ended up on TV. Eventually I’ll try to get into producing
and writing pieces for other people. I’m looking to do it all! I like to be as diverse and
multifaceted as possible, especially in all this cool stuff I do.

What are some important beliefs that your family has instilled in you that have helped
carry you in your everyday life?

MEKAI CURTIS: Never being too old or too ego driven that you aren’t able to be told
anything or able to learn. Being humble is something one of the biggest lessons my
family has taught me. As long as you carry those things with you, you’ll be pretty solid
because you’ll still have a foot on the ground.

Shirt – Mark Gong
Trouser – Versace
Shoes – Converse

You’ve starred on shows like Disney XD’s Kirby Buckets to now being the lead actor
in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”, how easy or difficult is it for you to be so
multifaceted and able to play a diverse range of characters?

MEKAI CURTIS:There’s so many different genres, methods, and styles in acting and as
my interest in acting grew naturally I started to explore the other avenues that present
themselves. There’s an art, craft, and finesse to everything, that’s why people are called
specialists at certain things they do or called upon for particular tasks. But that all comes from just observant and having a keen interest in multiple things. Also, wanting to expound on your knowledge. You can never stop learning.

Out of the three main characters, Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan, Kanan was hands down
the wildest. With such big shoes to fill of such a character, what was that experience like
for you and what was your favorite part about playing him?

MEKAI CURTIS: Laughing I actually wasn’t intimidated at all and I was really excited!
The night before I was so excited, I couldn’t even sleep! I was ready to work and ready
to get to it! Getting to shoot “Raising Kanan” was just that, an experience! From hair,
makeup, wardrobe, and set props to just getting to tell a story that’s so completely
opposite of your own is everything. It was fun, informative, educational and really just an
experience! That’s the best to describe it, honestly!

Shirt – Mark Gong

What drives you to continue growing in your craft?

I love and enjoy what I do! Without a doubt, I know that I’m super fortunate to do what I
do especially on the scale and with the platform I have. Even before I started acting, I
just loved to create and be creative and do all of these things. That’s what keeps me
going, my passion for it and that I love to express myself in these ways.

Is there a role from any genre movie and/or show that you’d like to play and why?

MEKAI CURTIS: I’m athletic, so I’ve always wanted to do a basketball or football movie
like “Coach Carter” or “ Friday Night Lights” vibe. I played sports before I got into acting,
so maybe it’s just a childhood fantasy I’ve just always wanted to act out!

What is your FAULT?

MEKAI CURTIS: I’m really bad at taking compliments. I’m also super hard on myself
but I’m working on both of those things. I’m making strides!