4 Ultimate Styling Tips Before Your First Date

So, you’ve made it out of the DMs and unless you’ve been set up by your friends, you’ve both expressed some level of romantic interest in each other. You’ve arrived at the culmination of your efforts—a date.

There can be a lot to think about when you’re putting yourself out there in the dating world. After agreeing on the venue and activity, you want to get everything else right.

First impressions count, so hopefully these tips will help you look your best and allow you to navigate all the more important things of getting to know your match.

  1. Match the Vibe

The last thing you want to be thinking about is if you’ve got your ‘fit’ right for the occasion. Lean towards dark and neutral colours for a smart look with classic cuts and silhouettes. You don’t want to be underdressed and leave your date feeling like you’ve not put in the same effort.

Equally don’t overdo it and come like you’re dressed for a job interview—you can probably leave the tux in the wardrobe.

A great tip to keep in the back of your mind is to research the place you will go for your first date. Many cocktail lounges and restaurant names can be a bit misleading. For example, a place with a name like Joey’s can sound like a student bar, so you might dress down in a pair of tight jeans and a comfortable shirt. But once you get there, you see that the place is a flashy cocktail lounge, and your date is already ruined before it even starts. Don’t try and deny it; you will feel uncomfortable the whole time and not relaxed. There is a reason why they say love is a battlefield, and like any war, you need to be prepared. So do a Google search on the place and plan your outfit appropriately. And if you really want to wear that sexy black number to leave a jaw-dropping first impression, then make sure you have a shapewear bodysuit on to give you that extra confidence boost.

Most importantly, however, it’s got to be unapologetically you. We’re over trying to put out there an inauthentic version of ourselves that we think will score us points. If it does go well, there comes a time when you have to introduce the more genuine you, and what if that’s not the person your date fell for?

Wear something that you’re comfortable in or you’ll be too preoccupied with repeatedly adjusting your clothes to enjoy yourself.

  1. Accessorise!

A lot of your personality can ring out in your choice of accessories, and none more so than a pair of perfectly suited frames. The range of glasses for men available has come a long way so there’s no excuse not to find the right pair.

Square face shapes usually find rounder style frames suit best; brow line style designs work well for diamond face shapes to balance out the features. Round face shapes should look for taller lenses and more angles in their glasses while oval face shapes are lucky and most styles tend to suit.

A smart watch can set off an otherwise unremarkable outfit. Make sure your watch is the right size for your wrist and hands, think case thickness as well as face diameter. If you’re confident and flashy, a chunky metal strap timepiece can turn heads but for a more refined and understated look some great vegan leather options are available.

Equally, simple jewellery enhances your look, from an uncomplicated curb chain, to a signet ring and even a nice belt will attract compliments.

  1. Smell Good

Your smell is your signature. Because of the brain’s anatomy, smell, memories and emotion are closely linked so get your cologne right. Fingers crossed it goes well so each time you’re reunited with your partner’s fragrance; it will be attached to good memories.

Scents work best on warmer parts of the body; a spritz to the neck, jaw, chest and wrist will linger nicely but don’t overdo it. An overpowering aftershave gives the impression of compensating for lack of hygiene.

  1. Shoes

It’s often said that when meeting people, the first thing we notice is the shoes. On top of that our footwear allegedly says a lot about our personality so it’s another opportunity to communicate something about us.

At the very least, make sure your shoes are clean. If you’ve got an eye for style, match them to your outfit, if not play it safe with a reliable classic black pair. And check the weather before heading out!

The talking stage can be an exciting but sometimes perilous period in a relationship. But if those sparks fly it can be the start of something beautiful. So step out in confidence and enjoy it for what it is.