Paul Klein FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Paul Klein X FAULT Magazine

Photographer / Creative Direction: Raen Badua

Stylist: Benjamin Holtrop

Grooming: Keely Zelanka

Style Assistant: Emily K.E. Johnson | Photo Assistant: Julian Nieto @juliannieto  

Words: Miles Holder

We first interviewed Paul Klein back in 2018 and while much has changed since then, his dedication to creating music that moves every listener has remained. As we fast approach the release of LANY’s highly anticipated new album ‘gg bb xx’, we caught up with Paul to discuss his musical journey, process and of course, his FAULTs.  

Top – Givenchy Pants – Dickies
Shoes – Converse x Comme de Garçon His Own Jewelry

We first interviewed Lany back in 2018, fresh off playing 117 shows across the globe and (foreshadowing) sharing your goals of wanting to be a hugely successful band one day…looking back, did the pressure and hard graft ever burn you out?

I’m constantly pushing myself to the limit, but I would never use the words “burnt out.” that phrase has such a negative, ungrateful tone to it. I genuinely feel like I’m dreaming… I’m so lucky to be exhausted at the end of the day from working hard on something I love. I plan on giving 100% with a smile on my face until the wheels completely fall off.

With the addition of stripped back versions of heart won’t let me and sad on the deluxe release of mama’s boy, do you feel comfortable in the vulnerability of those renditions or does being so open scare you at all?

we stripped back “ILYSB” in 2015 for a performance at the Snapchat offices in Venice, and nothing’s really been the same since. people have become obsessed with hearing our songs presented in a more minimalistic way, and I think that’s actually really nice and quite the compliment. I was classically trained in piano for 13 years growing up. after spending probably 20,000 hours on a piano bench, I’d like to think there’s something special about the energy that exists between just me and those 88 keys.

Do you ever feel a conflict between the creative decisions you make for yourself vs the creative routes your fans want you to take?

I love to make music, and I love to make people happy. and as much as I wanna please everyone, I know it’s an impossible task. so, at the end of the day, my artistic identity and convictions bow to no one.

As your acclaim grows and the fame that comes with it, do you ever worry you’ll lose the raw drive that got you to this point?

I know how blessed I am to have this platform, and I know how quickly it can disappear. I would never let myself grow apathetic and not make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given (and also earned).

What’s been the hardest creative decision you’ve ever had to make?

it might be impossible to determine the single most difficult creative decision I’ve ever had to make. in a more broad sense, the creatives I surround myself with (songwriters, collaborators, producers, creative directors, etc.) during an album creation period is probably the most consequential of all my decisions. these are the people that ultimately help me take what’s in my head and put it together so I can give it to the world.

When you look back on your creative journey, what’s been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

we’ve always done a lot with very little. our first 3 EP’s and debut album were recorded on a Dell computer in a bedroom or in a kitchen. les engineered and mixed everything. he even mastered our EP’s. we’ve pulled off music videos with very low budgets. we shot the “thick and thin” and “malibu nights” videos in the same evening to save money. no matter what happens in the future, nobody at any label will ever be able to say LANY didn’t make the most of what they were given.

Shirt – Balenciaga 
Coat- Dior 
Shorts- Dickies 
Shoes -Dior
His Own Jewelry

Is there any questions that no one ever asked but you’re dying to answer?

I can’t think of a question that I’m just dying to answer. but, I do wanna say, I’ve very much enjoyed answering your questions so far.

What’s something you wish journalists would stop asking you?

I really dislike when journalists ask me to describe our music. I thought that was their job… lol.

What’s something you’ve done to protect your mental health recently?

I’m proudly in therapy. I talk to my therapist, Dairek, at 11 am every Monday no matter what. it’s my favourite hour of the week.

What are you working on right now?

I turned in our 4th album – “gg bb xx” – about 2 weeks ago. now I’m working on the creative and promotional side of things… merch, tour date graphics and announcements, photoshoots and press, etc. but I think I go back into the studio in a couple of weeks to work on the deluxe version of the album.

Top- Balenciaga 
Long sleeve – Gildan 
Shorts – Balenciaga 
Shoes – Jil Sander 
His Own Jewelry

What is your FAULT?

I fall in love way too quickly and trust people way too freely. but those days are over, baby.