Heir X FAULT Magazine Cover shoot and Interview

Heir X FAULT Magazine

Wearing BY FAR

Photographer: Jack Alexander
Styling: Thomas George Wulbern
Make-Up: Jactina Spencer @TheOnlyAgency
Hair: Patrick Wilson @TheWallgroup
Styling Assistant: Savannah Jones

While Heir has taken on many roles during her creative journey, it’s through her songwriting that the public has gotten to truly explore the depths of her creative talent. Her 2020 EP, Daddy Issues, despite being released during the height of the pandemic, still successfully found it’s audience and in turn, allowed Heir’s audience to find her.

Her latest single ‘Nobody Wants Me’, is a stark reminder that modern Pop music can be thought-provoking, wildly infectious and above all else, fun.

As we enter her latest era of new music, we caught up with Heir to discuss her musical journey, her songwriting process and of course, her FAULTs.

Despite being such a Pop music track, the lyrics to ‘Nobody Wants Me’, are actually really deep and personal. Is juxtaposing pop music with hidden meaning lyrics a theme people can expect from your upcoming music releases?

I think it’s something I always tend to do, it’s in my personality in general, I will always probably cry and laugh at the same time so it’s a pattern in my writing g for sure.

In a recent Instagram post, you wrote “ I really wanted to do things my way.” Have there been times in your musical journey where it felt like you were moving away from your original vision and how did you steer things back to 100% you?

I think figuring yourself out and what you want to do takes time. I’ve always wanted to do the “right thing”, what’s the right step, what’s the best step.. these are all questions I’ve always asked myself and then I realized you have to trust your gut.


As someone very accomplished away from music, can it be difficult to follow the musical path you want for yourself when it is at odds with what others want from you?

For sure. It’s hard to say no and everybody’s got a different vision. I’m lucky enough to have a great partner Renata who is my ride or die no matter what.

Despite releasing Daddy Issues mid pandemic, the EP still received massive praise and listens. Does it feel bittersweet to be entering this new musical project, or do you not consider the chapter on Daddy Issues to be closed?

I mean I definitely was looking forward to releasing new music. It feels different, it’s a new energy. Daddy issues was more experimental, there’s nothing like a “first”.

Has it been difficult to separate your many creative roles and fully focus on your songwriting or do you feel that all avenues of your creativity are at play in your artistry?

I have to say anything that I’ve ever done in my life from university to modelling.. everything plays an important role in the way I do things so I’m grateful for all of it. I think at this point they’re starting to blend in perfectly.


What would you say was the most challenging aspect of creating this new project?

Definitely starting to write again after last year when the pandemic hit. I got hit pretty hard mentally. I definitely questioned myself at that point and nobody knew what was going on. But I think we’ve all been through a lot so it was only normal.

When you look back on your musical journey, what’s been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

Probably knowing I had a festival coming up and the EP I had worked so hard on coming out and pandemic hitting that same week lol.


If you could go back to the start of your career and leave yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Ask for help when you need it.

What’s one key message you’re trying to convey with your music?

I guess To celebrate yourself, whether you’re messed up, broken or confused.. embrace it, it’s part of your journey.


What is your FAULT?

Being a real Gemini.