Cody Frost in conversation with FAULT Magazine

Cody Frost X FAULT Magazine

Cody Frost’s musical journey hasn’t been a straight line but after years of living in fear of the unknown, Frost is ready to take back control with the release of her highly anticipated new EP ‘It’s Not Real’. A creative through and through, Frost has had a hand at many aspects of her creative direction to ensure that whatever this era of her musical journey might be, it|s undoubtedly her. 

We caught up with Cody Frost to discuss her upcoming EP, her creative nous and of course, her FAULTs. 

What was the inspiration behind the EP title?

I came to the realisation whilst working in a job I hated that, it wasn’t real life. We were charging people to walk through a door, and I guess it’s kind of a metaphor for life, it’s kind of an inside joke between my girlfriend and I, we used to just dismiss everything at work by saying “it’s not real though is it?” 

So close to the release of your upcoming EP…Does it feel real?

No! The wait has been a long one, it’s been really hard for me. I am so unbelievably grateful for the support so far though!

Your previous singles have garnered wide support, did that support create added pressure to live up to the hype with your EP?

This EP is a culmination of five years, I hope people like it. But either way, it’s done now! The only unheard track on this EP is stomachaches which is my personal favourite so I hope people love that song as much as I do.

The music video for STOMACHACHES manages to be both minimal and wildly vibrant, do you have a lot of creative control over the visual elements of the art you create?

Yes! I animated it, had a big part in designing my costume, and I guess directed it! Art is a big part of my life so it’s really important I can live doing it constantly. 

What was the hardest song to write on the EP?

(I should) take better care, I feel like I owed the people who had followed my career the truth. I had struggled in my time away from music, and I find it awkward to talk about being sad sometimes so I get you can imagine I cried a lot writing it haha.

You’ve talked about being afraid and channelling that fear into your EP, do you find the writing process helps quell those fears or was it more of an outlet for processing those emotions?

I think it’s important to me to remember these parts of my life because my memory is awful. Writing a song about the situation I’m in is a good way of remember where I was and what headspace I was in, it’s definitely part of the process of moving on for me sometimes.

What’s something you’ve done recently to protect your mental health? 

Forgetting about my phone is definitely good for my mental health, but also there have been a lot of positive moves and changes happening for me so I’m grateful for that, even though it’s scary; moving on, it’s for the best. 

What would you say has been the hardest creative hurdle for you to overcome? 

Lockdown! I had to stop tattooing so had to fund myself through art commissions, which was super tough mentally! Trying to create art and write songs while the world feels like it’s ending is hard, but I’m proud that I made it through. Sort of! 

You’ve come so far since your early busking days, have you taken the time to reflect on how far you’Ve come? 

Today actually, I was thinking about what my younger self would say about the things I’ve done so far. I think she would be proud, I hope anyway. 

What’s something your excited for after the EP release? 

More music! I love the process of creating something and then putting it out in the world. I’ve already been working on the next thing so yes! Releasing more! 

What is your FAULT? (Personal Flaw)

My FAULT is that I struggle to live in the moment, always thinking about what comes next, I’m working on it.