3 Styles to Try Out This Summer

This summer is the perfect time to try out new styles, with the warm weather meaning you can change up your closet a little bit. Changing your clothing from winter to summer is often a challenge, so it is a good idea to have some boxes that you can pack away which include your ‘winter clothes’ as well as your ‘summer clothes’ which can be brought out at a certain time of year. This will help create space and temporarily get rid of unnecessary belongings. Here are some clothing items you might want to add to your closet this summer.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

A New Skort

Skorts are the perfect alternative to wearing a skirt in the summer. But What Is a Skort? The term ‘skort’ comes from ‘skirt’ and ‘shorts’ combined and essentially they are a skirt with a pair of shorts underneath. This is ideal for going out or even staying in, particularly as a lot of people don’t like wearing skirts due to the fact that they aren’t very well suited to the wind, climbing stairs or for sitting on the ground. With a skort, you can have the classy, pretty appearance of wearing a skirt without any of the inconveniences that come with it, which is a win-win. If you have never tried one out before, they are a must-have this year and give you another outfit choice for the hot weather. If you like the feel and look of wearing one, you could even buy a few different ones.

A Pair of White Sandals

Sandals are so useful in the summer, particularly a pair of really comfortable sandals. They give off the ultimate summer vibes and keep your feet cool when walking around cities, going to the beach or even just to the shops. White sandals are the perfect color to get, as they will make your tan pop and they go perfectly with any outfit. Try a few different sandal styles out before you buy, so that you are completely happy with both the look and the comfort of the shoe. It is sometimes worth investing in a nice pair, so you can be sure that they will last for a while and do the job well.

A Floppy Straw Sunhat

Keeping your eyes, skin and hair protected from the sun is so important and is the number one thing to prioritize. This can be done with sunscreen and a good sunhat, which will be both trendy and practical. Why not go for a floppy straw sunhat, which will look good as well as keeping you comfortable during the heat of the day? Again, this can be paired with any outfit as a straw color is pretty neutral and won’t clash with the rest of your clothes.

This summer, make yourself comfortable by wearing things that will allow you to keep cool and not overheat or prevent you from doing any activities. This can only be made better by having things that are also stylish, which will keep your confidence up in the hotter months.