Vance Joy FAULT Magazine Covershoot & Interview

We first spoke to Vance Joy back in 2018 and while his future certainly looked bright back then, now in the present day, it can’t be discounted just how far he has come as an artist. Vance Joy recently released his new single ‘Missing Piece’, a track that timely explores the feeling of separation many of us have faced in recent times. We caught up with Vance to learn more about his process, his musical development and of course, his FAULTs.

What would you say was the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself between the Nation Of Two era and today? 

I don’t know. I think the changes that happen to us happen pretty gradually so its hard to put a finger on it. I feel like I’ve become more clear in my approach to things and more independent in some ways, and also more relaxed and open when it comes to collaborating, and also more rigid and uncompromising on some things creatively. This was appropriately vague !

Missing Piece was written remotely during lockdown, did you find this change of process detrimental to your creativity or did you thrive in the new setting?

I didn’t find it detrimental. I think song will find a way and creativity is a natural state for us. It probably gave a chance for that quiet private voice of creativity to speak a little more clearly. 

Did the isolation of the past year fuel the feeling of loss highlighted in the song’s narrative? 

The song was definitely fueled by separation and the fact that for a while there it seemed unlikely I’d be able to see my partner for a while. But I also wanted to say in the song that when the connection you have is strong, you can cop the time and distance. It’ll take more than a year apart. 

Despite there only being a short gap since your last album, people are calling this year “the grand return of Vance Joy”. Does the expectancy on artists like yourself to forever be releasing music ever annoy you? 

Haha great question! Yes. I mean it doesn’t annoy me because I just accept it. But also what’s the rush. What are we rushing towards. You don’t listen to a song to get to the end quickly. So yeah I think the general rush in the world is funny and absurd. And like everyone I can’t help getting caught up in it every now and then. Also, I feel like my answers are getting pretty philosophical. But i think that’s the way I lean. 

What are you working on right now?

 Right now i’m going back and forth with producers and mixers trying to unlock some songs that I’ve written. Trying to get them feeling good and its kind of a slow process especially when you do it remotely. But I’m learning how it’s done and it’s good exercising the clear communication skills. I usually just wanna tell people everything great but you need to give constructive critical feedback. Especially when it’s the song you love and are proud of. 

All of your recent releases has garnered mass praise and done well commercially, does that ever make you nervous about one day breaking your musical formula at the risk of fans not accepting a new version of you?

 I think about this kind of thing sometimes. More in terms of production of songs. Like do you keep doing what feels like you (but that can be safe and comfortable) or do you try and take on some of what’s happening and popular around you. There’s no simple way of answering it. 

What’s the biggest fear as it pertains to your art?

For me its a feeling of unrest that you need to be uncompromising when it comes to making something that you are truly proud of and that feels instinctively right. When you work in a team there is a delicate balance of hearing everyone out, trying to take your egos off the table, and then making decisions. Basically, when I think about a new album – I am aware of the painstaking work required. 

Back in 2018, you told us that your FAULT was being inpatient and withdrawn when in a bad mood – has that changed today?

Definitely still impatient! I don’t know about the withdrawn thing though – I think when I’m in a bad mood I need to just have a good old rant and get it out. Luckily I have a few people who will listen. 

Where are you most excited to perform now that there’s an end to the pandemic in sight?

I’m excited to play festivals again – I don’t mind which one – I am partial to the ones in Australia though like Splendour and Falls. There are some fond memories attached to them. 

Finally, what is your FAULT?

 I usually think I’m right even when I have little to no evidence