THE BARTSCH REVIVAL: New York City has been revived, and inevitably so has queer nightlife.

Words | Matthew Cancel

Photographer | Vincenzo Dimino

NY Editor | Chaunielle Brown

This past Thursday, May 27th, Susanne Bartsch launched a brand new party at SONY Hall titled, “NEW YORK, NEW YORK!” The vibrancy was contagious as performers returned to the stage, and club kids were welcomed back to the dance floor. The fashion-forward, high-energy extravaganza of Susanne’s return to the entertainment stage, included performances from the likes of NYC nightlife icons such as Amanda Lepore, Linux, and Joey Arias with an unforgettable surprise performance from RPDR winner, Aquaria. 

Starry-eyed attendances and performances dazzled the crowd, from Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Leonid The Magnificent, Lola Von Rox, Opera Gaga, Demi Remi, Neon Calypso to Storm Marrero and Laszlo Major. Also in attendance were NYC party-going regulars such as Tik-Tok personality Serena Shahidi (@glamdemon2004), and Instagram beauty mogul, Ryan Burke (@ryburk). 

From Opera Gaga’s strip tease opera singing composition mashup to Dirty Martini’s burlesque number, it was clear that nightlife has finally re-entered the city that missed it so desperately. 

The evening’s images were shot by up-and-coming fashion celebrity photographer Vincenzo Dimino – tapped by Mrs. Bartsch herself. The two will continue to work together throughout the summer, as Susanne continues to launch and host various events. Bartsch plans on bringing back the epic event every Friday throughout the summer – be sure to get tickets to future events at

If anyone was going to revive New York Nightlife, it’s the iconic, queen of nightlife herself, Susanne Bartsch. We’re excited to keep a close on this party and its evolution over the coming weeks.