Super Disco Club in conversation with FAULT Magazine

Disco is undeniably having a huge reassurance right now but for Super Disco Club, creating great disco music is more than just a passing fad. Releasing their debut track “We Are One”, Super Disco Club has burst onto the scene with a roaring disco anthem that samples some of the most iconic disco era sounds, creating something comforting in its familiarity and exciting in its modernity. 

To find out more about Super Disco Club, we sat down to discuss their musical process, their new music and of course, their FAULTs. 

We Are One channels all the best feel good house music and disco vibes, how does it feel to have a light at the end of Covid tunnel coming into view?

Great question, we definitely wanted to channel feel good house music and disco vibes, so we are stoked you got the right message we were trying to convey. I’ve gotta say we are very happy to finally have the track released, in DJs hands and in clubbers ears. It was made and scheduled for release prior to COVID, so to have it out now is such a great feeling.

Has it been difficult to find inspiration to produce high energy music while the world has been at a standstill?

No not at all, both Cassie and myself are super positive people and love listening to classic disco tracks, so the inspiration comes every time we are in the studio.

You’ve been working and developing  your upcoming releases for two years now, when should fans expect to hear from your upcoming tracks?

Our next single is coming out in July which is called Happiness. It’s a collaboration with an iconic 80s artist and will include two different mixes and a music video from us. Our third single will be released in September, and of course lots more disco sounds from us after that.

Tell us more about your process, where do you find inspiration and what goes into creating a Super Disco Club hit record?

I have a massive disco collection on vinyl, and equally large on my laptop, so that’s the main starting point. I will then find a great sample from an old disco record and produce itinto an instrumental. Cassie then takes it and writes a topline over it and either sings on it or we get a guest singer depending on what we feel the track needs.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your musical journey?

Probably just finding time to do it all as we have a lot of things going on, including two young children. But we make time as that’s what we love to do.

Is there a fear that the current disco resurgence could be a passing trend, or do you think it’s here to stay?

No, not really a fear. We’ll just keep making the music we love to make and hopefully our audience will like it for a long time. 

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Definitely getting all our releases, remixes & bootlegs out & seeing the reactions from listeners & DJs

What are you working on right now?

Getting everything ready for our next single Happiness. We’re also loving TikTok, we post classic disco house flashbacks on there a few times each week and have seen phenomenal engagement. In just two months we’ve had over 600k views on TikTok.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the musical industry since you first started making music?

Without any doubt, the connection between social media and music, which we feel is fantastic. For example we are doing things in our studio and then next day previewing it on Tiktok, making bootlegs or mashups, and getting ideas from fans

What is your FAULT?

I’m fanatical about every element of song production, to a crazy degree. I’d say Cassie is the same with lyrics and our visuals.

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