Summer Brunch Outfit Ideas for 2021

This summer, brunch is something that you should do as much as possible with friends. It feels so good to get out of the house at a relatively early time and make the most of the day, while having delicious food. The dress code for a brunch with friends varies on where you are going, but it is something that a lot of people dress up a bit for, without putting as much effort in as they would for an evening meal. This gives it a nice center-point, with a casual feel, meaning there isn’t too much pressure on what you wear. Here are a couple of summer brunch outfit ideas you should think about when brunching this year.

Photo: Jill Wellington

omething Elegant Yet Lightweight

If you are going for brunch, it is likely that the weather outside will be nice and warm. Therefore, wear something relatively summery to avoid overheating. Whenever you are going out for food, whether it be brunch or dinner, you shouldn’t wear anything too tightly fitted, as this can make you feel both uncomfortable and self-conscious after you have eaten. Go for something elegant and pretty, but lightweight and super comfortable. An example would be a light flowy dress that does not cling to your body. Have a look through these Spring Summer Fashion Ideas for some inspiration on what to wear now that the weather is warmer.

Researching Your Venue

You should research your venue for brunch before going if you’ve never been before, just to double check whether there is a specific dress code you should be following. You can also usually tell from the interior of the location as well as the options they have on the menu as to whether it is regarded as a ‘fancy’ place and if you should be dressing up for it. Brunch places are usually pretty casual, especially since it is still quite early on in the day. What you wear may also be dependent on the event – for example, if you are going for someone’s birthday, you may feel more inclined to dress up a bit more than if the event had no particular occasion.

Having Some Comfy Shoes

Comfy shoes are the key to going out in the summer. Although heels look amazing, if you opt for them, you should double check that they are actually comfortable before you put them on. The best kind of shoe to wear during summer is usually a simple sandal. This is usually a super comfy option that will keep your feet cool, as it allows air to get to them unlike sneakers which may be more constricting. Go for something trustworthy that you have worn before and you know won’t make your feet hurt too much.

Summer brunch is such a perfect way to make the most of the late summer mornings, when the air is getting warmer, and the sun is high in the sky. It is also good for different occasions, whether it be with family, friends, a partner or a colleague.