Premiere: Goldford releases new music video for track Dreams Of Summertime

In our recent FAULT Magazine interview with Goldford, we discovered more about the artist, his unconventional music journey and spoke about his recent music released. Today we’re excited to focus on his latest music video for Dreams Of Summertime.

The video is released alongside his new EP of the same name, and the influence of classic cinematography techniques and colour theory help enhance the video’s overarching narrative.
In his own words, “This incredibly personal song was inspired by my childhood. No matter how hard things got, I always knew summertime would bring me back my freedom. It always did. It still does.”

 Musically, the track is everything we’ve come to expect from the artist but taken to a higher level of creativity. Goldford’s raspy vocal atop a bouncing instrumental creates a classic summertime anthem juxtaposed against damning lyrics and a reflective ending.

We’re very excited to premiere the video below and even more excited to listen to what else is to come from the artist on everybody’s mind this year.