FAULT Magazine in conversation with Marcus Yates

Marcus Yates is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting talents. Marcus has continually pushed the barriers of creativity with his releases, and with new music on the way, we caught up with the artist to find out more about his process, his music and of course, his FAULTs.

The After All music video is so creative and captivating, how important is the visual aspect of your artistry?

Thanks so much! The visual aspect of music is important for artists like me who you can’t really put a finger on. A lot of opportunities are denied from not really seeing the vision honestly. So it helps tremendously for music listeners to identify with it.

As a producer, you’ve collaborated with huge names in the music world, how different is your workflow when it comes to working on your own music? 

I’m a lot more relaxed when it comes to my own music and at the same time super particular when it comes to the point I want to get across. I just try to keep it simple and not rush it.

Your music full of emotion and raw energy, do you ever fear the emotional burnout of channeling so much of your work into everything you do?

I always feel burned out and that’s when I just spend time away from music and spend that time with family. I’m a firm believer in giving your all and resting. I don’t really set myself to a schedule to leave and come back so getting burned out is not really concern for me personally. I actually enjoy the burnout process because it tells me I’m growing.

When you look back on your musical journey, what would you say has been the hardest hurdle you’ve had to overcome?

 I think the hardest hurdle was believing 100% in myself. On top of that finding people who can help you with your vision. I’m so to myself and make a lot of creative decisions by myself but what I’ve noticed is that it sometimes takes things outside of you to make that vision come all the way together.

As a creator who is always evolving, do you ever fear that you might evolve away from the the artist your fans might want you to be?

I literally have nightmares about evolving and fans being like nah. If the growth is genuine, I think real fans can catch on and grow with you. A lot people have grown with our heroes Kanye, Kendrick and Drake over the years so knowing that keeps me motivated to stay true to myself regardless of where that takes me.

How has the pandemic impacted your creative process?

For me personally, the pandemic sort of put things in perspective. I was able to develop a routine to keep me motivated. I have an in home studio so my creativity wasn’t affected as much as some. All in all, I was able to focus on how I schedule my life.

What are working on right now?

I’m actually working on a project that will include After All so look for that soon!

What is your FAULT?

I think my fault is I need to be more social. I’m actually a great guy with an amazing personality and I need to exploit that. I’m really really confident in my friendship skills. I’m not necessarily a social butterfly, I’m like a social worm. People who know me know that I’m a good time.