Casetify launches new Basquiat collaboration

Words: Edith Walker Millwood

This pride we are here to celebrate a formidable visionary artist from Brooklyn New York who took the 80’s by storm with his own take on “STREET” and “GRAFFITI”  styled art. 

Basquiat an artistic genius lead the neo expressionism movement during the 20th century, explored issues on race and inequality through graffiti with extraordinary pieces “UNTITLED” which sold for $110 million, “CROWN”, “IN ITALIAN”, “WARRIOR” AND “IRONY OF NEGRO POLICE”. Basquiat now sits amongst some of the greatest artists such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. 

Jean – Michel Basquiat a prolific who sadly passed at the age of 27 in August of 1988 left behind his creativity on a canvas and years later the contemporary artist has the likes of Jay Z, Rick Ross, Ken Griffin and Yusaku Maezawa purchasing his master piece.

Caseyify have collaborated with Basquiat and have printed his most famous motifs on iPhone cases to celebrate the world famous artist.