[Weekly Playlist] Exactly what the Doktor ordered!

While the past year hasn’t been the easiest, it has delivered some amazing feel-good tunes. One such track is Doktor’s February feel-good dancehall track ‘No Drama’. Today, we’re lucky to have Doktor curate his own FAULT Magazine Playlist. Before we hand it over to Doktor, we want to get the ball rolling with our own inclusion of his track below!

We’re proud to present Doktor’s exclusive FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist below!

Yaksta -Ambition 

Currently one of my favorite tracks. The message is so refreshing – instead of spending on materialistic things, invest your future, etc. 

One Nation Boss – Humans

Another deep heartfelt song, people doubting and also the mistrust in humans.

Garnet Silk

I grew up listening to garnet silk when I was living in Jamaica, his melodies and the message he delivers in all of his songs are just amazing. 

Sha Sha – Tender Love 

I was introduced to Amapiano over 2 years ago,  I love the melody and the baseline in track, it’s just great feel-good vibe.

James Blake – Retrogade

Been a complete fan of this artist for so many years, I listen to this track whilst in my meditation State.

Sbtrkt – Wildfire

What can I say about this track, it’s just amazing, like literally!

Flux Pavillion – Bass Canon

I used to listen to flux Pavillion religiously and then I heard this track, this was the only thing playing in my car for nearly 6 months. I actually wrote down on a piece of paper that flux Pavillion will be a producer who I will work with in the future and guess what, I actually made a song with flux Pavillion

Sam Cooke – Bring It On Home To Me

I love Motown and Sam Cooke was one of my favourite artists. I play this song on Sundays when I’m cleaning lol 

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely 

Everytime I play this song I think of my beautiful daughter, knowing that he also made it for his daughter, it  just brings me joy.I watch his live performances on youtube at least once a week.

Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U

This track got me into grime, the first time I heard this track I thought it was the best thing I’ve ever heard and till this day its still a banger.