[Premiere] Felid shares reflective single “To Forgive”

Bristol-based artist and producer Felid returns with a contemplative new single “To Forgive.” The slow-burning piano ballad is cushioned by a minimalist menagerie of synths on this song about letting go of the hurt.

Gliding through a delicate strings-driven beginning, the track soon kicks in with electronic bursts to create a tune that layers punchy synths with pop intimacies. Drawing on an emotive, melodic structure, Felid’s unique self-production crafts a cinematic soundscape. Offering a moment of clarity, “To Forgive” is a reflective piece of percussive sounds that hints at what’s to come on Felid’s forthcoming sophomore EP, Knowing You, Part Two.

“I think the title says it all,” explains Felid. “This song has actually been through a few different versions over several years, but when I wrote the last line (“but I’m never forgetting how far I’ve come to let you go”) for this one, I knew it was done. And I think it genuinely took me those years to reach this point of catharsis.”