Nicki Nicole FAULT Magazine cover shoot and interview

Despite her young age, Nicki Nicole exudes maturity and creative expertise far beyond her years. Her new single ‘No Toque Mi Naik’ has already garnered huge global success once again, proving that great songwriting can transcend any and all language barriers. We caught up with Nicki to find out more about her process, her new music and, of course, her FAULTs.

How would you say that your upbringing has impacted your sound?

Nicki Nicole: Even though it’s only been two years, it’s been a long journey. I have learned a lot, both personally and musically. I am mature because of the growth that I have had and the pressure that I have received.

When working on ELLA NO ES TUYA, did you feel that you were creating something as special as it turned out to be or did the response surprise you?

Nicki Nicole: The response from the people around the globe does not influence me when I’m creating; I create solely from the bottom of my heart and not to suit everyone else’s taste. When people support my music, I like it, but if that is not the case, that’s another reason for me to continue creating.

Does your Latin Grammy nomination and growing fanbase put more pressure on you to succeed and live up to the hype?

Nicki Nicole: Maybe unconsciously. I live under permanent pressure, whether it is from myself or my audience. When you get a nomination for a Latin Grammy, there is no way back; that pressure will be there forever, but I try to keep focused. I don’t want the Grammy nomination that I’m really thankful for to define my music.

What would you say has been the most challenging hurdle that you’ve had to overcome?

Nicki Nicole: When I started creating music, facing criticism was a big challenge. I didn’t know; there were so many people criticizing and generating hatred, especially on social media.

You went out to Puerto Rico to film the No Toque Mi Naik – Tell us about that experience?

Nicki Nicole: It was a crazy experience in Puerto Rico; I wanted to make the video over and over again. I got to learn the different ways music is treated out there. Everyone is very professional, and the customs are different; I am really willing to go back to Puerto Rico and work with them again because there is a lot of talent there.

What do you want the music you’ve created to say about you, the person?

Nicki Nicole: I just want people to say positive things about me, and if they are going to criticize me, I’d like it to be constructive criticism without generating or spreading hatred.

What’s your biggest fear as it pertains to your art?

Nicki Nicole: I just don’t want to get into an endless cycle of doing easy things. I just want to have my identity in my music. I don’t like to be in the mainstream just to create music that others like; I like to keep my identity.

What’s something journalists never ask you about?

Nicki Nicole: No journalist has ever asked me how I am doing as a person. I was never asked how I was feeling; I think that would be what I’d want to be asked.

What’s something you’ve done to protect your mental health during the pandemic?

Nicki Nicole: Well, first of all, I just let my emotions out. In the beginning, I was physically locked down, but I also had my own mental lockdown. I felt lonely, but I didn’t try to avoid it. I just let that loneliness get into me. I allowed myself both good and bad emotions, and that helped me a lot. That was a very good thing for me, both professionally and personally.

Do you feel comfortable with showing vulnerability?

Nicki Nicole: I tried to separate Nicki, the person, from Nicki, the artist. When I show vulnerability, I try to do that in a song as a character, and I don’t have a problem with that. Some people support me that follow me, and it wouldn’t be a problem to show my vulnerability to them; however, many people are spreading criticism and hatreds, and I don’t think that would be useful to let them see my vulnerability.

What is your FAULT?

Nicki Nicole: I am too detail-focused. I always have doubts about things, and it makes me tired both physically and mentally. And not only that, sometimes I try to improve things and I can not change because I’m trying to make everything perfect.

Nicki’s new single No Toque Mi Naik is out now!