newfamiliar release FAULTless new music video for ‘Here For You’

It’s surprisingly uncommon for contemporary music videos to match the emotional weight of the accompanying track but today’s new release from newfamiliar certainly passes the test.

While only the second official release from the band, after the runaway success of their first debut single ‘How Can I?’, all eyes have been on the trio to see how they could continue to raise their bar. Directed by Amos Le Blanc, the music video adds another layer of meaning to the music and much like with the listening experience, the audience is allowed the freedom to construct their own narrative.

In their own words “The video for ‘Here For You’ was shot in Thailand in a unique isolated community of people from all over the world. The visual storyline complements and doubles down on the sentiment of the song. It shows a young woman going through loss, and how in our darkest moments when we feel most alone, the people closest to us are still there.”

We’re extremely excited to premiere the new music video on FAULT Magazine and even more excited to see what else will come from the trio moving forward