Joel Corry FAULT Magazine Cover shoot and Interview

Credit: Ryan Saradjola

If you’ve not been following the international dance music scene, you would be forgiven for assuming Joel Corry was a new face on the scene, suddenly gaining runaway success with a string of hit singles. He is now nominated for three Brit Awards for Male Solo Artist, Breakthrough Artist and British Single for ‘Head & Heart’ ft. FAULT Alumn MNEK, the last year certainly has been a wild ride for the producer but one earned from years of nonstop touring and many career setbacks. We caught up with Joel to discuss his musical journey, his process and, of course, his FAULTs.

You’ve been working away for years. Does it feel gratifying to be seeing the chart success finally?

I spent years trying to get my name out there, touring relentlessly and just reaching for this dream. At some points, I would second guess myself and started to think it wasn’t going to happen. I kept at it, and it feels better because I know how much hard work it took to get to this point. Now I have it; I’m not going to let this go; it’s so important I went through the process because it’s grounded me.

How did you stay motivated during your musical journey when things didn’t work out?

I’ve always had this burning desire to make it. I took those blows here and there, but I always just came back, fighting. All those setbacks added fuel to my fire. I really believed I could do it.

Is it bittersweet to be seeing so much success during a time where no one can party?

One hundred percent, I’ve been doing this since I was sixteen, and I think the longest I’ve ever taken off has been a week. So taking a whole year off because of the pandemic has made me miss it dearly. Performing in front of a crowd is the number one thing that I love to do in life. Nothing else gives me that thrill, and I make dance music that is obviously meant to be danced to. I’m a positive person, and I know that better times are coming, and when they do come, it’s going to be the best parties ever.

What’s something new that you’ve learned about yourself during the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, my life moved so fast. Every day I was either travelling, doing promo, interviews, pr or in the studio. When your schedule is that busy, you become quite selfish with your time and only think about yourself. But with the pandemic, I was able to slow down a lot more and connect with my friends but especially my family. I live next door to my dad but rarely got to see him, but now we have a cup of tea outside every morning. After the pandemic, I need to make sure that I still have that time aside to keep up these connections because it makes me a better person.

What’s been a big challenge on your musical journey?

A difficult hurdle for me was getting people to know that I was the real deal when it came to music. I had to work hard, especially at the beginning, when I couldn’t getting a look in. I got my show on kiss FM, which was a big move for me. Then I got my weekly radio show, and it kept building from that moment onward as I was connecting with other artists in the industry, supporting their music and grinding away just trying to get my music out there. There was a long period where I wasn’t getting a look in anywhere and just had to keep pushing and pushing – making noise until they listened.

What was your plan in case music didn’t work out for you?

I think DJing and fitness are my two passions in life. Even as a teenager, if I wasn’t on my decks in my bedroom, I was down to the gym. Those were the two things I love to do, and I pursued them both. Djing was always my real passion, with fitness running alongside it. If music didn’t work out, I probably would’ve continued on the fitness route.

When it actually comes to your like work process, how do you choose who to work with or what songs to remix?

That’s one of my strengths, I was a resident DJ for ten years, and it helped me see what clicked on the dance floor and got a crowd moving. As a DJ, it was my job to get people to dance, so it’s just second nature to me when it comes to production. I can’t quite explain what that is; it’s just built into me. For BED, my latest single with RAYE and David Guetta, last summer, I was at a studio session with a songwriter called Jin Jin who works with Raye, and she played me ten demos, and as soon as I heard BED, I knew it would bang.

Do you take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come?

The last three years have been a total roller coaster; my life has completely changed. It does feel a bit like a blur just because it’s been so full-on. Amazing moments seem to keep happening, and I’m so grateful for them. It’s been a dream come true; I feel like I’ve just been living in this bubble since I got that first hit. There are moments where I’m at home like, “Oh my God, this is crazy.” I always think about what’s next – I’m more hungry now for success than before I had my first hit. So I guess I don’t allow myself to sit and properly reflect because I’m just focused on what’s next.

What is your FAULT?

My personal FAULT would be that sometimes I’m almost too focused and attached to my work. My life is not balanced as much as it should be. That’s something I’m working on. I need to remember to keep those connections with my friendship group and my family more balanced because sometimes I get caught up in my head about work that I lose sight of the other more important things in life.