FAULT Magazine in conversation with Ingrid Michaelson

Fans have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Ingrid Michaelson and Zayn’s music video from their much loved single ‘To Begin Again’. Upon its release, the track garnered a wave of support owing to the outstanding songwriting skills and strong vocal performance from both musicians. With the official music fast approaching 1 million views not even 24 hours after it’s release, we caught up with Ingrid to discuss the track, her musical journey and of course, her FAULTs.

You tweeted that you didn’t plan on writing ‘To Begin Again’, how did the project come about?

The day that Biden overtook in the election results my whole neighborhood in Brooklyn came alive.  There was so much rejoicing in the street.  I went to my piano that evening and half of the song just fell out of me.

What’s been the most surprising response you’ve seen after its release? 

I love how people of all ages are responding to it!

You’ve created music for many different mediums, when you’re as busy as you are,  do you still take the time to sit and reflect on how far you’ve come as an artist? 

I do.  I feel like I am on the precipice of my career as a musical theater writer with The Notebook, and it definitely has caused me to look back on my life and accomplishments as a singer songwriter.  I am very proud and grateful.

What’s been the most challenging project to put out into the world? 

The Notebook for sure.  It’s such a huge undertaking with so many people involved.  But it’s also been extremely fulfilling.

What’s something new you’ve learned about yourself since the pandemic hit?  

I took time with family and friends for granted.

The Notebook is such a beloved piece of cinema, do you feel that added pressure to ensure that the musical adaptation is just as impactful?

I feel pressure to make something GOOD.  Regardless of the film.  I actually want to make something quite different from the film.

Is there a worry that fans of the original film’s format might not welcome the new creative spin?

There is always worry.  But if we all made art under the fear for “worry” then I dont think good art would be made.

What’s been the hardest creative hurdle that you’ve overcome? 

Everytime I finish a song, a part of me is convinced that I will never be able to write another!

What is your FAULT?

The feeling that I need to control things.  But I’m working on it!