[Weekly Playlist] Keep Shelly In Athens

Greek artist Keep Shelly In Athens has been a force to be reckoned with since the 2011 release of their debut EP “Campus Martius.” After a fruitful decade-long career, which include releases on Forest Family Records, Cascine and Friends of Friends, they launch a new era for the project.

With primary member/producer RPR at the forefront, the approach is more fluid. Here RPR’s production stands at the center, collaborating with different guest vocalists from around the world on each release. The first single in this series is “You” featuring LA-based vocalist Georgia Hurd. Hurd’s languid, echo-y vocals serve as the perfect compliment to RPR’s disco-inspired groove.

We asked KSIA to create a playlist of songs that that inspire their new collection of tracks. Take a listen below to dive into KSIA’s dreamy world.

Nea Kameni – Febueder 

This atmospheric masterpiece from Febueder everytime I listen to it reminds me my first summer in Santorini! It seems so distant now though.

Thought Beings – Hazy

That 80’s feeling you get when you listen to this gem!

Mexico City Blondes – Addio

We use to play this song so many times while touring / driving in our last north American tour!

Luvian – Valley Girl

This song is electronic piece of gold. Period.

Orchid Mantis – Porch Song

Nostalgia and melancholy perfectly balanced. In other words Porch Song.

Ocean Hope – Holy Bound

Our friends Ocean Hope can be always fascinating. Just like in that song!

The Infinite Daisy Chains – Wake Up

Another new amazing discovery from Spotify!

The Midnight – Collateral

Oh God! What a tune! Every time I listen to this song it’s like the first time! Brilliant!

Helena Deland – Lylz

This is my favorite tune from Helena Deland.

Jacques Greene – After Life After Party

I don’t know why but this song always reminds me when I was lost some night in San Francisco walking around. Great times!

Last Island – New Things

If you ever been in any Greek island you will double appreciate this tune.

The Antirealists – Like A Gun

Glasgow, Athens, Edinburgh. Natali, Me, Joy. In other words The Antirealists.