Tim Chadwick in Conversation with FAULT Magazine

Words: Miles Holder

Today musician Tim Chadwick releases his new EP ‘Timothy’, a project that explores themes of loneliness, self-reflection and regaining of lost confidence. The EP displays vast levels of mature honesty, offering a voyeuristic look into the mind of an artist thrown off course by a global pandemic. We caught up with Tim to discuss his process, new music and of course, his FAULTs.

You’re very open and honest on the new EP. Do you ever feel nervous about being so genuine and vulnerable in your music?

I think in the past, I used to feel embarrassed at the thought of being honest and open. Now, I’ve come to the realisation that it is my job to feel things strongly and fully so as to offer that emotion and perspective to the world. It’s just become the name of the game. I do keep things to myself, but I’ve found strength in approaching the world with softness and vulnerability.

The pandemic has effected musicians very differently, and of course, you created this EP while in isolation – did you see a big change in your songwriting process compared to previous releases?

I only felt like creating about three months into the pandemic. A lot of artists hit the ground running when the world stopped there for a second. I think that pause helped me gather my thoughts a lot more. I went from being in a long term relationship to single during a global pandemic in the space of 4 months. The time used reflecting really created the backbone of this EP. It’s quite a conversational body of work, and that’s because I had a lot of talking and listening to do within myself. It feels a lot more purposeful and succinct compared to previous releases.  

What would you say was the emotionally hardest song to write on the EP?

I’d have to say ‘Only Me’. Emotionally it was the hardest, but in terms of actually writing the lyrics, it was the easiest. The bridge still chokes me up a bit, and I’m both nervous and excited to perform it live. I think it’s the most direct I have ever been to myself and to my previous relationship. I still think to this day it’s the only love song I have ever written, and it’s for no one but myself. 

What’s a life experience you haven’t written about yet that you really want to put out as a song?

That’s a good question. I don’t think I’ve ever written about soulmates in the context of friendships. That’s something that I’ve tried to bottle. I’ve found the right people; I just haven’t found the right words yet. 

What’s something no one ever asks you about but is something you’ve always wanted to say/discuss?

I think very few interviews approach the question as to whether the interviewee is “happy”? It’s such a loaded and difficult question that deserves so much more time than a quick interview space, so I understand why it’s rarely asked. But it’s one of those late-night bottle of wine questions that I feel should be thrown into interviews every now and again. I would like to briefly say that I strive to be content rather than happy all the time. Happiness is a temporary emotion, much like sadness, joy, grief etc. Content, I feel, is more of a state of mind that is more sustainable to maintain. I’ve sometimes felt that the struggle to hold onto happiness leaves me stubbornly sitting in the past rather than in the present. Right now, I am content, and I am happy.

What would you say was the most challenging aspect of your musical journey so far?

I think it’s learning how to get back up from closed doors and multiple “no’s”. Everyone only ever sees the ‘yeses’. There have been days where I have wanted to give up music. They don’t last very long, but I think it’s important to note them. I’ve actually gotten good at accepting the losses as well as wins – I found it’s given me the concept of a long sustainable career rather than just shooting to the top. It keeps your ego in check.  

What are you most excited about for 2021?

I’m excited for this EP to land in the laps of people who need something like it. I’m excited to *fingers crossed* play a show whenever it’s safe to do so. I already have the next project lined up because I haven’t been able to stop writing, so I’m looking forward to seeing where that leads me as an artist. Aside from music, I am living for some spontaneity in my life again and hugs that aren’t tinged with guilt. 

What is your FAULT?

If I had a superpower, it would be the power to please everyone. I’m a people pleaser; I always have been. It has often left me half full and exhausted. I’m getting better at saying no and only doing things that serve me, but I still have my moments of making sure everyone is happy, comfortable and looked after before I think about myself. I think I have an innate desire to be liked and accepted that only fuels those urges, but I’m slowly learning to let that go.