ONF FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Styling Director: Kim Min Jun @ The Higher
Hair Director: Park Do Youl
Make-up Director: Lee Sora
Photographer: Kim Ji Yeon @ Studio: Narda

Words: Miles Holder

ONF are currently riding high off of the success of their latest album ONF: MY NAME, and so they should be; the album is the result of their years of hard work and dedication to their craft. As the good news continues to roll, we caught up with ONF to discuss their new music video, their process and as always, their FAULTs.

With the release of your new album “ONF: MY NAME”, do you feel you achieved everything you wanted to with this record?

Hyojin – First and foremost, I’m so happy that many people seem to show love for our new album. We feel that we have yet to achieve everything that we want. We still fall short and there is a lot to achieve. We want to show everyone that we are making progress in our music and performances. ONF will continue to grow, so please look forward to us. 

Wyatt – We feel insufficient still, and there are a lot more from us to show our fans. I think this is just the beginning and we’d like to reach a wider audience. We want to be a group that will make people continue to anticipate for our music and performances. Please look forward to us as we move on.  

Which part of the song on “Beautiful Beautiful” was your favourite to record?

MK – I was excited about how the bridge part would turn out when we were recording it. I liked the new vibe of the part.

Wyatt – I really enjoyed singing the Intro and chorus part where all the members sang “brabambambam” together. I felt like we were truly having fun while recording. That’s why I liked the part the most. 

Your MV for “Beautiful Beautiful” was visually exciting and was telling us a story. What gave you the inspiration for the concept?

J-Us: I think the refreshing energy and the message from the lyrics are the source of inspiration. We tried to deliver the message of the song that ‘all of my life is art and with freedom, I’m beautiful more than anyone else.’ This is portrayed in a story of the boys who rescued J-Us who was imprisoned and set on a journey to search for freedom. 

E-Tion: The music video for our new song “Beautiful Beautiful” is an extension of our worldview that has continued since our debut. I think the source of inspiration can be found in the background of the group ONF, which has a future-oriented personality based on the Time Warp world view. Since it’s the title song of our first full-length album, I think the future-oriented image of ONF and our unique character are well incorporated into the music video. 

Congrats on your win on The Show! How does it feel about scoring your first win this week? 

J-Us – I couldn’t believe it, and I missed FUSE (official fan club name) and wished that we could meet to celebrate together. As it was our first winning on a music show for the first time, I was so thankful to FUSE and was determined to show better performance in the future. I hope that Corona would come to an end so the day would fast approach when we can meet face to face with FUSE and celebrate together. 

U – I really hoped that one day we would win first place. So, I was overwhelmed that such a moment became a reality. It was such an honour, and I was determined to work harder. Even though FUSE was not physically there with us, I was so happy and grateful, thinking that they will be happy sharing the moment with us even from afar. 

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your musical journey so far?

MK – I think we face new challenges every time we prepare for our new album. It’s a new challenge as we need to come up with new concepts, music, and performance for every album.

Hyojin – I think the same as MK. We should do our best each and every moment in doing music such as practicing and recording songs and performing on stage. Because of that, the whole process of making music and promoting ONF since our debut has been a journey of challenge for me. Personally, I like slow tempo ballad songs and sang them often. Since I debuted as ONF, I recorded a lot of rhythmical songs, which was a new challenge for me. Thanks to that, it was an opportunity for me to grow.

ONF are such electric performers, and 2020 has been made it difficult for artists to meet with fans and tour; what would you like to share with your international FUSE? 

Wyatt – I want to run around on the stage, communicate with fans abroad, and make memories together. I’d like to say to our global FUSE to please wait a little longer until we meet. We’ll make sure to come visit you all.

E-Tion – I hope that the pandemic will end so I can look into eyes of our global fans and perform and deliver our energy. I want to express how much we missed them through our performance.

U – I was so disappointed that the year 2020 didn’t allow us to go on tour to meet our international fans. I hope the pandemic ends so we can show our exciting music and performance. Since we can’t meet you in person, we’re constantly making contents and videos that you can watch online, so please look forward to it. I miss you so much!

What new achievements do you hope to accomplish in the next year with the group?

Hyojin – When the situation has improved, I want to meet FUSES in person and perform at a concert on a really big stage where we can enjoy being together with FUSES. I want to be a group well-loved by fans in Korea and abroad.

J-Us – Many fans label our songs as masterpiece. I want to become a globally recognized group by promoting our songs so our songs become a global masterpiece. 

E-Tion – It was a shame we couldn’t go on our global tour. I hope this year, the situation will get better so we can go around many places abroad and get to meet with more FUSES. I’d also like to build our strong unique identity and let many people know about ONF and our music. 

What is your FAULT?

Hyojin – I think my FAULT is that I’m a perfectionist. I stress myself from trying to do everything perfectly. I try to turn it into my strength.

E-Tion – Sometimes, I worry too much. It could be the source for new ideas, which could be strength, but it makes me tired from thinking too much.

J-Us – I’m similar with E-Tion. Sometimes, I can’t concentrate because I worry a lot.

Wyatt – My flaw is that I sometimes forget the lyrics on stage. I don’t have that problem when I’m at practice, but when I’m on stage, I sometimes make mistakes. So, I try to overcome it by spending the night practising the lyrics, and listening to what I recorded, even when I’m sleeping. 

MK – Sometimes, I have too much energy. It’s good to be full of energy and be an energizer to people around you. But I think I need to tone it down to harmonize with other people’s emotions and tension. That is a consideration for others.

U – When I’m into one thing, I become totally fully immersed in doing just that. It is good to focus but keeping balance to do various things is also important.