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Distorted People

Words: Miles Holder

While there’s no shortage of brands dedicated to minimalistic styles, few can achieve clean bespoke tailoring without falling into the fatal trap of appearing uninspired; thankfully, today’s FAULT Focus designer has managed to succeed in walking this tightrope. 

Founded in 2008 by twins Huy and Dung Vu – the brand’s popularity grew organically, primarily fueled by their customer-first approach to design. 

While Distored People is a brand held in high regard, their latest collection DPC (distorted premium collection), caught our eye. The beauty of the collection is its fine craftsmanship, and the designer’s ability still to infuse colour, versatility, and vibrance into every piece.  

The 21 piece collection, which is available from their site puts wearability as its key focus; all pieces pair well with one another while also allowing wearers to match outside, looks for every season. 

With their DPC collection attracting worldwide attention, we caught up with the brand to discuss their inspiration, overall branding and of course, their FAULT. 

When you were designing the DPC line, what were the most crucial innovations you wanted to implement?

We wanted the new DPC “distorted premium collection” to stand for clear, minimalistic and timeless designs in outstanding quality. The claim of Dung Vu, founder and head of design, was to address customers who want to make a quiet but clear statement through deliberately reduced styles with perfect cuts and the best materials. The 21 pieces are streetwear fashion basics that can be perfectly combined with each other and have been shaped into an extremely consistent collection.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the brand logo?

Distorted people is known for its clean cuts, outstanding quality, non-conformist designs and, of course, its catchy logo: razor blade and butcher’s cleaver as crossed blades. 

The emblem symbolizes two different kinds of men – on the one hand, the delicate and stylish barber; on the other hand, the tougher butcher. Distorted People wants to unite these opposites and be a brand for everyone who can identify with its lifestyle and values.

When the fashion industry is so saturated with different designs and designers – where do you look for inspiration?

As a streetwear brand, we walk the streets with our eyes open to gather inspiration for new collections. In this day and age, social media like Instagram and the exchange with other designers and brands are also a great advantage.

What public figures do you think would best represent the Distorted People brand?

When we outfit celebrities, it is always important to us that they also represent the values of our brand and carry them to the outside world. Therefore the perfect role models for us would be David Beckham, Jerry Lorenzo and Colin Kaepernick – they combine style, athleticism and a classic attitude – but even more important, they stand up for their values against all odds.

What would you say has been the most challenging aspect of building your brand?

For us, it has always been important to believe in our vision and to stay true to ourselves. Even when everything went against us, we never thought of giving up but always got up more often than we fell down. That’s the only way we could get to the point where we are now.

What is your FAULT?

Even in important meetings about fashion – we always think about food.