6 Easy Ways to Go a Little Plant-Based

Vegan options are becoming more commonplace. The perception that it is hard to go plant-based, however, is still there. This is a misconception. It’s easier than ever with all of the available products and resources on the market. Here are some tips to incorporate vegan or vegetarian items into your lifestyle.

1. Opt for Plant-Based Hobbies

Incorporating plant-based things into your life doesn’t just stop at food. You can make small steps to use more natural, vegan items in your everyday life. Some items that go along with hobbies and leisure activities include: 

Sometimes, there are animal byproducts in items that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. For instance, some paints and glue contain gelatin or other animal ingredients. It’s important to check the label or look for an eco-friendly statement on the packaging. Whatever hobby you have, from using CBD to building with LEGO bricks, there is likely a plant-based option. It just takes some digging. 

2. Ditch the Leather and Fur

Luckily, most fashion trends don’t include real fur or leather pieces. However, these animal products still sneak in. Especially with luxury brands, you have to be careful. They are likely using leather and fur, because it is still touted as the most expensive, best material. This isn’t necessarily true, though. There are plenty of forward-thinking brands that manufacture plant-based and animal-friendly fashion, including: 

Faux leather can look just as good (or better than) the real thing. Oftentimes, eco-friendly brands will also support an environmental or humane cause. All of these aspects combined lead to feeling better about yourself while sporting the latest trendy clothing and accessories. 

3. Support Fast-Food Vegan Options

Although there is some controversy that surrounds fast-food vegan options, it’s still better to support them. For instance, Burger King came out with an Impossible Whopper, and they were soon under fire for not making the sandwiches truly vegan or vegetarian. The burgers were made on the same grill as the real meat.

While this may be gross to some, it isn’t entirely unethical. Plus, you can request the fake meat to be microwaved rather than grilled, fixing the whole issue. Overall, it’s better to support that these fast-food chains when they’re making a step in the right, plant-based direction. This way, they will be able to do even more for the vegan community, because then they know there is a market for plant-derived products. Otherwise, we may see these animal-free options disappear. 

4. Try a Meal Kit

Another way to easily incorporate plant-based food into your diet is by trying a meal kit. There are many options out there, including boxes that are entirely plant-based. The mainstream options usually come with the chance to choose plant-based meals.

Even if you aren’t ready to go fully vegan, you can choose 1 or 2 meals weekly to see what you like. Since the meal kits are trying to please everyone, they have tested meals that are bound to taste good. You just might find the vegetable dish of your dreams, and you’ll be telling all your friends that you didn’t know veggies could taste so good. Plus, you’ll learn that “plant-based” doesn’t mean just eating salads.

5. Don’t Restrict Yourself

This is probably the most important tip. If you go cold “tofurky”, you’re likely to miss the meat. The same goes for changing out your leisurely activities to those that don’t involve animal products. It takes time to form a habit. Don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally eat or use something that isn’t completely plant-based. It’s okay to slip up. A gradual change is more likely to stick. 

6. Indulge a Little

Similarly, here are some “accidentally vegan” treats to indulge in to make it even easier to go plant-based: 

  • Oreos
  • Swedish Fish
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Airheads 
  • Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

Not one of those suggestions includes lettuce. Instead, you can peruse the ingredients list of these food items and learn what makes something plant-based. You’re likely to see soy instead of whey, pectin instead of gelatin, and palm oil instead of butter.

While these treats aren’t exactly healthy, it gives you the opportunity to have a little fun and spice up your palette. Life is short. Eat the plant-based cookies. Use vegan, organic CBD to help with pain and anxiety. Find the coolest faux leather jackets on the market. Feel good about yourself and your new plant-based lifestyle.