New Cinema Adaptations To Come In 2021

The pandemic affected all areas of human activity. People began to look for entertainment on online platforms, including video games, soap operas, and gambling. The latter is most important because there is an opportunity not only to spend time pleasantly, getting a registration bonus on 20Bet but also to make money.

Also, with the Covid-19 crisis, many feature films scheduled for release in 2020 have seen their release postponed.

Discover a small overview of the adaptations to come in 2021.

Dune (October 1st)

The release of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has been postponed to October 1, 2021, in the United States.

The story of Paul Atreides, a young man as gifted as he is brilliant, destined to experience an extraordinary destiny that surpasses him completely. For if he wants to preserve the future of his family and his people, he will have to go to the most dangerous planet in the universe – the only one capable of providing the world’s most precious resource, capable of multiplying the power of humanity tenfold. 

On the poster of this film, we find personalities such as Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, or Rebecca Ferguson. A beautiful world, therefore.

Yet, it will be necessary to take its evil in patience before being able to discover this adaptation of the first part of the novel Frank Herbert by Denis Villeneuve.

This feature film is the third adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune published in 1965, after the film Dune (1984) by David Lynch and the three-part mini-series Dune (2000) by John Harrison.


Co-directed with Mark Gustafson (Fantastic Mr. Fox), Pinocchio, the animated musical by Guillermo del Toro is shot in stop motion and will be released directly on Netflix.

The story of Pinocchio was co-written with Patrick McHale (Adventure Time) and is a new adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s tale. Like Pan’s Labyrinth, Pinocchio should also be a metaphor for a dark period in our history, fascist Italy under Mussolini.

The plot will take place in Italy during the rise of fascism during the Second World War. And will tell the extraordinary adventures of a wooden puppet turned boy, satisfying the hopes of his father.

On the casting side, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, and Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) will interpret the voices of the characters from Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio.

The Summer of Fear Street

In the summer of 2021, you can immerse yourself in Leigh Janiak’s adaptation of the youth saga Fear Street (I read), by R. L. Stine (Goosebumps).

The plot of Fear Street follows a group of teenagers in the town of Shadyside, Ohio, in 1994. They discover that several strange events that have happened there could be related to each other. More importantly, they may be the next victims.

Each of the three films will transport you to a different period, to the 17th century.