Musicians Who Support Legal Cannabis

Photo: Reid Rolls

In 2015, Waka Flocka Flame, a rapper, announced his desire to run for president in 2016. The focus of his campaign was set to be weed legalization. While this announcement was a joke, the platform he supported was not. According to a recent study, the majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana.

While it is possible in some parts of the country to purchase feminized seeds at i49, there is still resistance to this movement. While this is true, there are countless musicians who have taken a stand and voiced their support for this formerly illegal substance.

John Legend

According to an interview Legend did with HuffPost Life, he believes there is no reason to continue the prohibition of cannabis. He also believes that the war on drugs is really a war on poor people, especially black people. This so-called war (in Legend’s opinion) has not been effective in reducing the use of this drug.

It has been provided by some studies that cannabis prosecution has fallen unfairly on minority and poor communities. This is something that has reinforced generations of disadvantage and poverty.

Photo: Lionel Deluy for FAULT Magazine Issue 25

Willie Nelson

One of the oldest proponents of the legalization movement is Willie Nelson. In fact, he has spent his life singing about cannabis and supporting the political candidates who shared their legalization agendas. Nelson even went as far as to gain a seat on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws advisory board. He also has a personal brand of weed products that are called “Willie’s Reserve.”

This country music legend is also considered a “stoner” legend. In two of his books, he has admitted to sneaking to the roof of the White House to smoke a joint with one of the sons of President Carter.

Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has been recorded as stating her reasoning for being a supporter of marijuana legalization. She sees no reason why alcohol is considered legal, but marijuana is not. After all, alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana.

Snoop Dogg

When it comes to musical stoners, most people immediately picture Snoop Dog. Along with being a well-known joker (talking about smoking jays with Obama), he has been a huge figure in the legalization movement. In fact, he has put a large amount of his own money into this movement and, as a well-known and liked public figure, has helped much of the American public become comfortable with the idea of smoking weed for recreational purposes.

2 Chainz

When Rapper 2 Chainz debated Nancy Grace about the legalization of marijuana he became an icon for this movement. Grace has worked for years to demonize the use of recreational marijuana by showing countless videos highlighting negligent parents giving weed to toddlers. However, during the debate, 2 Chainz kept to the facts, which included that it is not possible to define or stereotype an entire community based on these few stories.

Many people believe that the legalization of marijuana is on the horizon for the U.S. It seems to be the next logical step for many people and many political figures. Be sure to keep this in mind and decide if this is a movement that deserves support from even more people. Being informed is the best way to know about this movement and decide whether to support it or not.