7 Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts That Last

Valentine’s Day is a day to show the person you love how much you care. However, many of the most popular gifts don’t last very long. Here are seven popular Valentine’s Day gifts that last.

1. Watches

Watches have many meanings in relationships and many uses. They’re also quite easy to shop for, with both physical retailers and online shops like My Gift Stop offering wide selections so you can choose the perfect watch for your significant other. Besides the watch symbolizing that you cherish time spent with your loved one, it can also be a luxurious and practical gift simultaneously. You can choose a simple, utilitarian watch if you’re in a more casual relationship or on a tight budget, or a more extravagant model if your relationship is more serious or you want to splurge. There are watches with all kinds of special features, including for people who play sports or who travel frequently.

2. Jewelry

One of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts, especially for women, jewelry is a timeless and greatly varied gift option. Nearly every kind of jewelry is suited for Valentine’s Day gift exchanges, with the exception of rings unless you’re planning a Valentine’s Day proposal or wedding. Because there are so many options when it comes to jewelry, you can easily personalize your gift selection with different metals, gemstones and styles. Hearts are a popular choice for metalwork, but if you want something more suited to year-round wear, there are plenty of other patterns to choose from. Likewise, if you want jewelry that includes gemstones, you have several options. You can simply choose something your significant other likes, or their birthstone or one of the stones associated with love, such as rose quartz or sapphire.

3. Electronics

Another perennial favorite for Valentine’s Day gifts, electronics may be on the expensive side, but they should be a worthwhile investment in terms of longevity. You have plenty of options to choose from in electronics, as well, including personal items such as cell phones and cameras, or things you both can enjoy, such as televisions or home appliances. You can also get your significant other a more play-oriented electronic. One of the most popular toys of this type currently is the drone, but video game consoles, laptops and tablets could also fit this type of electronic gift.

4. Potted Flowers

Flowers are incredibly popular romantic gifts, but cut flowers and bouquets rarely last very long. If you want to give your significant other flowers that will last longer, one option is to get living flowers. You can purchase potted flowers of nearly any type to enjoy in your home or to grow and replant in a larger pot or outside your home later. Potted flowers may be a better investment in the long-term because they tend to be less expensive to buy upfront than cut flowers and will last longer.

5. Photo Albums

If you’re looking for a personalized gift, a photo album might be the perfect option. While many photos today are stored digitally, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get them printed and slip them into an album. The best thing about photo albums is the ease with which you can tailor them to your loved one’s interests and aesthetic preferences. For example, if you travel a lot with your partner, you can theme the album around travel, with photos from your trips and write notes with memorable anecdotes included.

6. Embroidery

Another good do it yourself option, embroidery is a bit more advanced but no less personal than a photo album. Needlepoint is also an option. It’s a less complicated way to create embroidered art. You can print a picture to use as a reference for your embroidery pattern or purchase a pre-made pattern to use. Either way, one of the best parts about embroidery, needlepoint and other do it yourself crafts is the fact that you took the time and effort to make your gift yourself. 

Sometimes gifts that are short-lived, like flowers and chocolates, or gifts that don’t last long but leave lasting memories are wonderful. For the times these don’t seem like enough, one of the long-lasting gifts may be better suited for you.