Actor Yim Si-wan joins FAULT Magazine for an exclusive cover shoot and interview

Yim Si-wan x FAULT Magazine

Yim Si-wan

Photographer: Albert Choi

Makeup: Lee Ji Sun

Hair: Lee Nam Gyu

Stylist: Choi Yoon Gul  

Management: Plum Actors

One positive learning to come from 2020 is that western audiences are more than happy to engage with Korean film and tv releases. Netflix has undoubtedly heeded this call with new series Run On, which stars the incredibly talented performer Yim Si-wan. Whether you know him best for his music or acting prowess, you’ll no doubt recognise him as one of the hardest working performers out there. We caught up with Yim to discuss his career, Run On and of course, his FAULTs.

Please tell us more about your role in the Run On series.

Yim Si Wan: I play Ki sun kyum, and he is a sprinter. He is famous despite being ranked 2nd because of his good looks and his family. His father is a national assembly member, and his mother is a famous actor.

Non-English films and tv shows have already proven how successful they can be in English speaking markets. With Netflix releasing Run On internationally, do you think this also indicates that Run On television series can be just as successful on the international stage?

Yim Si Wan: Nobody knows that, even God. I just do my best every day. If there is just one fan who likes me, I’m gonna do my best for that fan.

Yim Si-wan

No two roles in your portfolio are the same, are you actively seeking roles that are wildly different, or has it been a coincidence?

Yim Si Wan: It is definitely a coincidence. I’m focusing on what character would be attractive, not what would be different. That is high praise to tell me that every character is different.

Is there any character or genre you want to try in the future?

Yim Si Wan: I’d like to be a hero one day like Spider-Man or Iron Man. I find it fascinating and awesome to be a superhero. As you may know, I’m not a big guy but wanna show “anyone can be anything.” That is one of my favourite phrases in the movie Zootopia.

Yim Si-wan

What are the reasons you’ve made a transition from K-pop singer to TV/Film actor while having a successful K-pop Idol career?

Yim Si Wan: I didn’t make a transition, I’m still doing both singing and acting. In terms of acting, so many fans are supporting me, and it’s given me a lot of huge opportunities. At the moment, that’s why I’m focused more on acting instead of music.

What’s your biggest fear as it pertains to your art?

Yim Si Wan: Actually, I have a fear of not appearing authentic. I’m still working on my acting as I haven’t been in this career for long and how to do it well. So I just decided to imagine everything is real whenever I shoot and want to appear genuine. 

Yim Si-wan

When you look back on your career – what do you want your work to have said about you?

Yim Si Wan: I wanna give a comfort feeling to fans who support me. I’m not so much of an exaggeration type of guy. When I’m acting, if I’m sad, I just wanna express sad emotions. If I’m happy, I wanna express happy emotions, that’s all. So, to whoever watches my movies and dramas, I hope they don’t feel any uncomfortable feelings.

What’s been your biggest creative hurdle?

Yim Si Wan: I’ve never imagined there would be some hurdles for me, so necessarily saying, it would be sleeping. To be honest, I’m fond of sleeping a lot.

Yim Si-wan

What are your future plans and goals? 

Yim Si Wan: First of all, I plan to shoot a bunch of projects (dramas and movies) for the time being. I feel alive when I’m filming and being in front of cameras. I want to keep releasing albums as a singer too. I’m recording a theme song in the drama Run On, so look forward it, please. I’m continuing to study English too. Acting in English is one of my big dreams.

Yim Si-wan

What is your FAULT?

Yim Si Wan: I’m idle sometimes. I had felt sorry to be like that a lot during my youth. Thus, I decided not to be lazy and idle in my 30s, but that is still difficult. I want to hang out and sleep and go on trips.