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Peyton List X FAULT Magazine

Peyton List
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Today we meet Peyton List, one of the worlds most exciting stars currently featuring in one of Netflix’s most exciting series – Cobra Kai. Peyton has continued to showcase acting talent far beyond her years and continues to grow with each new part she plays.

Peyton List
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What would you say was the most challenging scene of Season 3?

Peyton List: I had to prep the most for the Season 3 finale fight scene. I remember our writers Jon Josh and Hayden warning me they weren’t holding anything back for Tory and nunchucks were involved. The Larusso house fight was one big long take with no cuts, so there was pressure on every single one of us to not mess it up not only for ourselves but all of our stunts people and actors involved in the scene.

The response to Cobra Kai has been so positive, now with Season 4 confirmed, do you feel added pressure to meet the expectations of the growing fan-base?

Peyton List: I definitely feel like I want to make the fans happy because they all have been so supportive and really made the show what it is. If anyone can handle the pressure with grace, it is our writers. They are three of the biggest Karate Kid fans I know and are the ones who are constantly paying homage to the previous Karate Kid movies. The most challenging part has probably been moving across the country as a kid and living apart from my family in order to do what I love. I stopped having a normal experience as of eighth grade and was then on set school with just four other kids. It was definitely an adjustment and a sacrifice for my family to allow me to do what I wanted to do.

What’s something new you learned about yourself last year?

Peyton List: I learned how much I love the simple life and staying. I learned how to be alone, which I have never been forced to do in my life. Just to sit there with myself and become comfortable.

What goals have you set yourself for 2021?

Peyton List: I want to work harder physically and get stronger; that is how I feel best mentally is when I am moving. I only have people in my life who are uplifting and good people at their core because I know you are who you surround yourself with, and I only want to be inspired by those around me. I hope we can mutually be good for one another.


As someone who has spent many years on screen, what would you say has been the hardest hurdle you had to climb in order to take your acting to the next level?

Peyton List: I think transitioning from being on a Multicam sitcom format for so long I had to learn how to move into single-cam again. I think never getting complacent and learning from the people I am surrounded by at work. I am always watching and taking any piece of advice I can get. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and practice practice practice. Going to my first audition after being on a show for years was surprisingly nerve-racking I had to learn how to go into an audition room again and start from the ground up. I did put myself out there more and got a lot of life experience after finishing my time on Disney, and I learned a lot about myself.

With so many outside voices being vocal about their expectations of young actors, especially those who worked on Disney projects, has it been difficult to find and create your own path within the industry?

Peyton List: I think it gets harder if you start to listen to those voices that try to define you. For me, it is fun to just keep working/creating and remembering the reasons I started in the first place. My parents have always taught me to stay in my own lane and worry about myself. I think they’ve guided me throughout my life to not worry about the heresy and just go out there and commit.

Peyton List
Cropped Blazer + Pant HAN WEN : Shoes RUTHIE DAVIS

What is your FAULT?

Peyton List: Oh gosh, do I have to choose just one? I have horrible time management, and when anxious can snap.