Leap – A FAULTless Poem by Chaunielle Brown

Words: Chaunielle Brown

Can we pretend to be outside ourselves?

that moment when you take a leap

you thought, weighed, and then

you followed the beat.

you let go and you leaped.

and in the next moments…

unforeseen in time and length,

you’re wishing to just jump out of yourself –

forget that leap ever happened.

just in case, just in case…

well, in case nothing comes back.

if only to know what we cannot see.

and this is my moment. my saturday.

this very night.

having stepped out and leapt,

now wishing waiting…wondering, wanting…

at moments i’ve lost all the air,

breath held, frozen moments.

I would currently like to jump outside

my mental space. that nothing that you dread.

that disturbing and piercing empty silence.

and you’re a fucking fool. eye-roll with the inhale of the cigarette.