Groundbreaking Ways To Wear Diamonds

Image by Jonathan Borba

Round and princess cut diamonds account for the vast majority of diamonds sold, according to the report The Sparkle Rundown, and the stats mean one thing – most people are still purchasing their first or most important diamond for engagement rings. Jewelry trends over the past decade have shattered our expectations when it comes to diamonds and other gems, with clever designers and trendsetters finding new ways to add a little ice to their look. If the idea of attending a special occasion with a girl’s or boy’s best friend sounds appealing, the following diamond trends may provide inspiration on new ways to wear this sparkling rock or delicate crystals that imitate its delicate shine.

Diamond And Gem Hair Clips And Accessories

If you love brands like Gucci and Fendi, then you know that XL-size blingy logos displayed on hair pins are a fantastic way to express one’s love for fashion. You don’t have to wear crystals or rhinestones, though. High-end designers are using diamonds and other gems in a plethora of colors for hair clips, triple strand draping headpieces, and tiny clips in flower and other nature-inspired shapes. Who said you had to keep the sparkle to your ears, neck or hands? If your hair has been glammed up into a sexy ‘do, add a bit of magic with well-secured diamonds or crystals. Make sure you apply any hair products (such as gel and spray) prior to donning your hair accessories. If a bit of spray or product gets in the way, gentle methods for cleaning diamonds should be favored. You can try mild soap and water, but if dirt persists, have your piece professionally cleaned or use a dedicated solution recommended by your jeweler.

Diamond Studded Belts

Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Akillis, and Louis Vuitton are going the extra mile when it comes to imbuing fashion with luxurious materials. Louis Vuitton’s Blason belt buckle features over 520 precious stones, including sapphires, rubies and diamonds, and retails at a whopping $44,000. Dolce & Gabbana, meanwhile, has a diamond belt displaying no less than 53 sparklers equalling 26.5 carats. Take this beauty home for around $92,000.

Gem-Encrusted Bags

Diamonds aren’t the only way to embellish bags and other high-end pieces. Designers have long used quality crystals, pearls, and other stones to create elegant, one-of-a-kind bags meant to be kept as family heirlooms. Chanel’s Pearl Lego Brick Clutch comes to mind. Graced with pearls framing the famous double C logo, the bag also has a full pearl handle that can be wrapped around the wrist for a bracelet-like effect. Another classic is Leiber’s Precious Rose bag, shaped like a rose and hand-crafted with over 1,000 diamonds and a similar number of pink sapphires and tourmalines. The shine and beauty of this creation is a work of art worthy of contemplation in a museum, so its owner is definitely one lucky lady or lad.

If you’re not into traditional jewelry pieces like earrings and rings, there are many more ways to show off your love of bling. From belts to bags, there are many ways in which to add shine to your look. Real diamonds may be out of your budget for everyday accessories, but you can always imitate the look by opting for designs made with quality crystals that capture the sun’s fire and let it all out.