Ghita releases new music video for track – Satisfied’.


There’s a lot of good pop music being released today, but one name that should definitely stand out on your radar is Ghita. Her newly released EP ‘Lost Angeles’ perfectly exemplifies just why people are going crazy for her brand of alt-pop. It’s difficult to pinpoint any one musical influence throughout the record, which is part of the reason her sound is so unique and sure to leave you wanting more.

Today, we’re proud to premiere Ghita’s brand new music video for her track ‘Satisfied’. The narrative of the music video begins with the promise of success in exchange for sexual favours – a theme still too fairly common in all industries. Thankfully, the song’s messaging is a clear rebuttal of such practises, instead, making an affirming point that women can rise above such predatory tactics.

In her own words, Ghita explains, “The idea behind ‘Satisfied’ was inspired by lots of stories I’ve heard of men who will help your career if they get something from you. It happens in so many walks of life. I just want to make music; I don’t want to have to date the right people to get bigger opportunities. ‘Satisfied’ is an empowering reminder to myself and others that we can reach our goals without any extra help.”

Check out the video below!