VALNTNA in conversation with FAULT Magazine

Words: Miles Holder

As 2020 progresses, we’ve continued to see how music artists are converting the mental anguish of this year into art. One such artist is the ultra-talented VALNTNA. In October VALNTNA burst onto the scene with her track Black Kingz – while racial injustice has been the shadow looming over 2020, Black Kingz is a light attempting to shine through it.

We caught up with VALNTNA to discuss her music, plans for next year and of course, her FAULTs.

Last month you released Black Kingz, tell me about your emotional state and what you felt when you created the track?

Hopeful. I was feeling hopeful that the message in the song will make every Black King feel empowered to uplift themselves and support each other by unifying, spreading love & healing.

Does your writing often reflect your emotional state of the times?

Honestly, it depends; writing is very therapeutic, so I do find myself often writing things based on my emotional state at the time. However, sometimes I’m inspired by the emotions around me that carry different stories that spark a different form of creative writing. I think it’s important to be free when it comes to writing there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It’s all in the feelings you create – they can be relevant to the times, or they can spark feelings of past, present or future !!

Can we expect to hear perhaps a part two entitled Black Queenz in the future?

I’ve most definitely got something Brewing for my ‘Queenz’.

How does your South London upbringing influence your songwriting?

South London is very Raw, Authentic, Diverse with a lot of cultural depth, and that has influenced how I write. I write from a place of emotions – I love to take the listener on a journey. I want the words in my music to give wings to the mind & flight to the imagination; I want the listener to FEEL what I’m saying.

What’s something you’ve done to protect your mental health this year?

I’m very big on affirmations; they most definitely are my go-to when it comes to protecting my mental health.

What’s been the most challenging hurdle you’ve overcome on your musical journey?

Confidence in myself and my craft. I used to care a lot about the opinions of others until I released that was me giving away my power. I love how far I’ve come within myself. Self Love is so important. Especially as a musician because the energy you carry is the energy you pour into music which is then projected to the world.

When you look back on your career, what do you want your music to say about you?


What’s something you’re looking forward to in 2021?

The release of my first project! Honestly, I can’t wait; it’s something me & my team have been working towards for a while now, and I can’t wait to get back on stage!!

What is your FAULT?

I can be overly critical on myself, which has its pros & its cons to be fair.