[Premiere] Matveï shares two new Kitsuné tracks

Today, Paris-based DJ/producer Matveï releases a seasonally themed project – FALL: OVERDOSE x RUMBA – a double-single release via Kitsuné Musique.

Lauded as the new generation of French electronic talent in his native country, Matveï’s trajectory is on the rise. Having been brought up on French hip-hop, house and bass, the producer blends an exciting cocktail of house and urban club sounds, drawing inspiration from Kaytranada, Disclosure, Metro Boomin, Baauer and Sam Gellaitry. His Fall Collection builds off of the established bossa nova and rumba themes of his Summer Collection release, but takes a more club-oriented approach. On “OVERDOSE, Matveï expertly plays with levels, making for a singular sonic experience. The second track of the collection, “RUMBA,” is more bombastic, and features prominent horns and Latin flavor.

Matveï elaborates further on the seasonal collection: “For this 2 sided record, I wanted to bring two very different worlds together. On side A record “OVERDOSE” I aimed at creating an emotional yet danceable R&b song, with latin and arabic influences. On the other hand, the idea behind side B record “RUMBA” was to compose a festival-ready Salsa influenced House hitter. On it, I also wanted to shout-out the drill movement, which I’m a big fan of. Can’t wait to play them out as soon as COVID slows down.”