[Premiere] Join Kirsten Knick’s poolside retreat in “Life’s A Placebo”

Brooklyn based dream-pop artist Kirsten Knick teases her upcoming album Close Your Eyes with a new single and music vide “Life’s A Placebo.” The easy-paced track is soaked in arpeggiated synths and nostalgia. Lyrically, “Life’s a Placebo” explores loss in its entirety. Discussing her new track, she tells us: “The song is sort of an epiphany, that life is a placebo. Life is as we see it. I could choose to grieve over this loss and wallow in self-pity, or I could move on and make shit happen. 

Accompanying the new track are visuals that celebrate queerness in all its poolside glory. Directed by Catherine Gubernick, the clip pictures Kirsten wandering through a crowd of colours, eventually finding empowerment and cleansing all that holds her back. She says: “The video stands as an invitation for everyone to show up as they are, no matter where they are, and know that we are beautiful. It embodies all that can happen when you opt out of feeling sorry for yourself. Play a part and dive in.”

“Life’s A Placebo” is out tomorrow and Kirsten’s new album Close Your Eyes drops November 20th with Icons Creating Evil Art.