Poundz in conversation with FAULT Magazine

Poundz X FAULT Magazine


With the release of Poundz’s viral hit ‘Tik-Tok’ blowing up worldwide, we caught up with Poundz to discuss his music, process and of crouse, his FAULTs.

People are calling your new track Tik-Tok genius for it’s potential to become a viral hit on social media, did you have that in mind when creating the song or is it just a happy coincidence?

No, I didn’t focus on making the song a viral hit but I knew it was a banger so I felt like it was going to do well regardless. I knew the song had great potential once I posted a clip on insta and the fans went crazy.

You’re listed on NME and Clash’s One To Watch lists for 2020, signed to Disturbing London and have a fanbase that’s growing by the day, do you feel a lot of pressure to succeed with so many people backing you?

No absolutely not, I don’t feel any pressure to succeed with so many people backing me. If anything it helps to motivate me and make me create bigger and better tracks each time I get into the studio.

We’ve heard rumbles that you’re going to be releasing an EP soon, when should people expect to hear it?

Yes, I will be releasing an EP very soon so keep your eyes peeled and expect some new bangers to vibe to.

What should people expect to hear from the EP?

People should expect to see a different side to me and actually experience how versatile I can be as I will be including more than one genre of rap in the EP.


What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about you?

The biggest misconception people have about me is that I can only make catchy songs but in reality i’m an all rounder they just need to be patient and see whats coming over the next 6months because its about to be a whole new level.

What is something you’re looking forward to for the rest of 2020?

I am looking forward to finishing off my EP for the rest of 2020 and hopefully, I can release it in time before the new year.

What is your biggest fear as it pertains to your music?

My biggest fear against my music is me not using my video apps like Snapchat and Twitter enough because it could help me to connect with my fans more but that’s something I can easily work on.

What is your FAULT?

My personal flaw is overthinking sometimes because it takes the focus away from the main task when I am writing but I always come out on top whether it takes a day or a few weeks to complete my songs.