Navy shares latest single Pity and curates special FAULTless playlist


Today we’re very excited to reveal our new playlist curated by the singer-songwriter on everybody’s watchlist right now – Navy. Originally hailing from Dominica, Navy’s unique captivating singing tone and hypnotic melodies have been a welcomed bit of calm in an otherwise stressful year. 

Check out Navy’s most recent single Pity below and and enjoy the rest of this very FAULTless playlist!

1. It’s a Pity  – Tanya Stephens

That particular situation is quite possible to knock on anyone’s door. This song became an anthem with good reason.

2. Chant a Psalm a Day – Steel Pulse

It gets me through a difficult day, and lifts me even higher on a good one. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends too.

3. You were meant for me- Jewel

This song brings me back to watching Vh1 on Sundays with my Dad, and those were some of the happiest times of my life. He’d either jump on the keyboard or guitar and play along.

4. Meant to Live- Switch Foot

Because sometimes I need a reminder of why striving so hard for better is ok. I’m also an alternative rock junkie.  

5. Fast Car -Tracy Chapman

Because I love both her voice and the message. Makes me remember to not be stagnant.

6. Wicked Games – Chris Isaak.

Simple song, deep message. The melody is haunting and that’s what makes it so musically appealing to me.  

7. Suddenly- Billy Ocean

Because sometimes that’s how love hits you.

8. Cold Play – Adventure of a Lifetime.

I wish I could put all of their songs here. I love them! Cold Play has saved me over and over again.

9. All Night Long- Lionel Richie.

The island vibe elements in this song drives me crazy. It was way ahead of its time.  

10. Vini Dou – Victor O

Victor is Martinican, and this particular song was sampled by Diplo for Charlie XCX. The guitar dominant music and creole lyrics speak of love and sets my heart in place every time.