Litany FAULT Magazine Cover Shoot and Interview

Litany X FAULT Magazine


Photography: Marie Macklon 

Makeup: Lucy Gibson 

Words: Miles Holder

With 8-bit synth beats, video game references, catchy melodies and expert songwriting, there’s so much to love about Litany’s whole discography. While each release is instantly recognisable, no two songs are ever the same. This is certainly true for her latest track ‘Uh-huh’. After a string of releases chronicling the unfortunate side of love, Uh-huh exists as an ode to sex and passion wrapped up in a colourful music video directed by Joe Lycett. 

We caught up with Litany for our new cover shoot to find out more about Uh-huh, her process, of course, her FAULTs. 

The music video is so bright and energetic, it’s also Joe Lycett’s directional debut, what was it like working together on this project?

Litany: Otherworldly. I am such a huge fan of his, so much so, that when he initially reached out, I was reading his book in bed! The man is a comedic wizard and it shone through from the initial storyboard right the way to the final scene on shoot day. We wanted the video to exude joy, campiness and a sense of poetic chaos – I think we achieved it!

What was your inspiration behind Uh-huh?

Litany: To put it plainly, Uh-huh is about sex so good that you forget who you are. I wrote this when my boyfriend and I first got together so shout out to him.


Single Player Mode, Starsign, Love Letter all hint at less successful stories of affection and love, how does it feel to release a single celebrating the high notes of sexual attraction?

Litany: Its refreshing isn’t it?! Historically, I’ve found it much easier to write about loss and despair in love as sadly, I was yet to experience anything else! (tiny violin plays) But yeah amidst this weird and crazy year, I fell for my best friend and wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Besides, we all need a bit of joy and a song littered with sexual innuendos is pure joy is it not?!

Does your songwriting often reflect your state of mind at the time of writing or do you usually draw from past experiences?

Litany: I’d say about 80% of the songs I write are about past experiences. I’m terrible for burying emotions in the moment and not being able to address things until much later – songwriting helps me with this. I see writing is a nod to accepting what happened and releasing it for all to hear is waving it goodbye or at least that’s how I like to look at it. It’s free therapy yo


We love the Street Fighter typeface on your new merch, video game references run through much of your artistry – does this come from a love for the aesthetic or is there more behind the creative decision?

Litany: A bi-product of writing about past experiences is nostalgic imagery. I gamed a lot growing up and the PS2 was the most incredible icebreaker. Scared to make the first move? Stick GTA on and get on with it lass! Ha. But yeah it’s a bit of both really!

What’s been the most challenging aspect of your musical journey so far?

Litany: I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t going from duo to solo. It forced a move down to London at the drop of a hat and thousands of emails asking favours whilst grieving/ having a quarter life crisis. Being self-managed and an independent artist at the time made everything doubly as hard but in the end the hard graft paid off and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!


What’s something you’ve done this year to protect your mental health?

Litany: I opted to take the pressure off creating solid gold content and focus on what makes me happy during downtime. My boyfriend and I got really into cooking and documented some of our culinary triumphs in a cookbook which, whilst bad for my waistline, worked wonders on my mental wellbeing. Oh, we also got a puppy and called her Lemmy after our favourite Mario Kart character.


What’s something you’re looking forward to in 2021?

Litany: The end of 2020. Haha, no I’ve had a glorious year despite the circumstances and have so much more music to release. PRAYING for the chance to tour next year also…

What is your FAULT?

Litany: I’m so much of a perfectionist that it cripples my ability to make decisions, there, I said it!