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Talia Storm

Words: Hiba Hassan 

Tallia Storm is the Elton John protégée who stole hearts with her angelic, soulful voice at only 13. But it is unmistakable that her new single, Kinda Savage Kinda Sweet, is a track filled with confidence and vitality, a step-away from her customary but loved sound, as heard in her 2017 studio album, Teenage Tears.  

Now 21, it is sort-of amazing that we are able to watch Tallia grow into her own unapologetically, whether she is dancing with her fans on TIKTOK or taking part in our most loved shows, like Celebrity X-factor, she is a go-getter. With fans eagerly waiting for new music, we caught up with Tallia to discuss her journey, music and of course, her FAULTS. 

The new single Kinda Savage, Kinda Sweet, has a different tone to previous singles you have released, has the pandemic affected your writing process and career prospects?

Tallia Storm: Absolutely! As far as me as an artist, I felt like I was always holding back because everyone has always told me I need to experience all of these things. I’ve always put pressure on myself throughout my whole career, I started really young. But at the same time, I have worked my ass off to get all these opportunities, and with that always comes with people trying to catch you out, so I felt like I always had to play it so safe.  

I just want to say, I have learnt more this year than I have in my entire life! 

But when I turned 21 last year, I feel like it just hit me. As I get older, I realise you can do and achieve anything you want, it’s a really courageous thing to go out there and chase your dream. 

Starting out at such a young age, and being projected by someone like Elton John, who is Tallia Storm now? And what would you like to be remembered for?

Tallia Storm: I would love to be remembered for writing good music, for people to look back at me and say, ‘she writes a good song’. I feel like music is healing, getting through those days where I’m crying on my bathroom floor… its every part of me.  

And now, I feel like to be an artist in 2020 you need to become your own CEO and understand that you will have to bend sea salt to make it work, for me that was making sure I was there on different platforms because people want to see all of you.  

In saying that, I want to be a role model for girls, I want them to come across my page and see positivity, creativity and show that I’m not afraid of my big hair, being super girly, and then be really moody and wear all black.  

I think I am truer to myself now, I think if you can do that, you don’t mind too much what gets thrown your way because you then think ‘this was exactly my plan’. It’s weird because I feel like I’ve dreamt of these moments for so long, and just having everything together, you know? My life is Kinda together right now! 

You seem as you are always having fun! On social media, your style, what keeps you driven and positive?

Tallia Storm: My mum! She is just incredible, she started to manage me because I was only 13. She then fell ill in 2017, and our whole world stopped. She’s absolutely fine now, but it just gave us a whole new outlook on life. we always pretend like it never happened but people around us are always like ‘oh, how’s your mum doing?’, but she is THAT person who tells you to dry your bloody eyes and get out there! She has really given me that attitude of your only as good as you say you are, and we have to become better. 

You are the same age as me! Only two days apart- when I heard the single, I identified with it, it feels like a coming-of-age song, so in light of it being released on your birthday… if the track were a drink what drink would it be?

Tallia Storm: Oh my god, I love that! I’m obsessed with tequila, it’s my drink! But I don’t drink that much, so if I’m going to drink… I want to drink! So, the track would probably be a really sugary Margarita, because it’s Kinda savage, Kinda sweet. 

You have collaborated with a few UK artists already, like Dirtbike LB and Dotty, will we be hearing music with a trap-wave/ rap inspired production and who would you like to next collab with?

Tallia Storm: I would love to collaborate with an American rapper! And I’m saying that because I have just done one, and I absolutely love it!  

It’s going to come out in January and it’s quite a romantic song. And the way this collab occurred was through Instagram DM’s, so it felt really natural, like my previous collabs. I’m independent, so I can’t afford collabs ha-ha! So, they’re all really authentic and fun. 

From the UK… I would love to work with producers like Nyge, Remedy, and artists like Unknown T, their work ethic is insane! I have younger brothers, so I’m kept up to date!  

But I love that they do their own thing, AJ Tracey is my favourite though! He’s amazing, he’s so versatile and is just the king of rhythm. I’m always looking for the guys who are supporting the girls that are not huge in the industry yet, my collab with LB opened a massive door to network with these amazing artists, so it is incredible to see any guy support and help! 

You have been on our screens a few times on various shows, as well as releasing music, what would you say was the most challenging moment of your career so far?

Tallia Storm: was probably when I was 15, I got flown out to America and there was a huge bidding war for who was going to sign me straight after Elton John brought me out. I eventually signed, and everything was so surreal and amazing, it was all getting ready to set off. And next thing you know my A&R got fired! And the head of the company called me and said, ‘Oh we love you, Talia, we want you to be the next Katy Perry’, and that was just everything I was not. So, we had to leave it, never released a song, nothing.  

The situation wasn’t challenging but the coming out after it was, everyone expected you to have this massive deal, with a whole team, but it was really just me.  

People just want to come for you because they think I have a huge team, and a massive label but I’m really working my socks off to get where I want. I want a song in the charts! And I am so grateful to be doing what I’m doing but at the end of the day, the dream is a song on the charts. There are so many moments like that that will come and go, so just keep your eye on the ball.  

Tallia Storm

Starting out at only 13, what advice do you wish you were given or can give while starting out a career in music?

Tallia Storm: I was very lucky because I’ve had amazing mentors like Elton John, supporting me and giving me advice. But there’s one thing listening to the advice and another believing it to your core. So, absolutely manifest and believe what your dream is and what others are telling you. Manifest it, dream it, become it. Don’t hold back, the people that really make it are the people taking the risks. 

There are so many people out there who wish they had the courage to even think about the things you dream of doing, so if you are thinking about it, chase it. It’ll be hard! But if you’re thinking it you can achieve it. 

Can we expect an EP/Album, to accompany Kinda Savage, Kinda Sweet?

Tallia Storm: Next is the collab! It will definitely set the tone for the year… I’ve got them all lined up, they’re coming! I’m always thinking about how to keep people guessing and see my growth.

What is your FAULT?

Tallia Storm: Never satisfied. I set myself goals, I get there and I set a new goal. My family are always saying they wish I could slow down and enjoy it more… but the hustle is in my DNA.