Priya Ragu Releases enchanting new track ‘Good Love 2.0’

 Priya Ragu

Words: Miles Holder

Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been the best year but any means, but we’ve at least been treated to some great music releases these past few months. Today we’ve been treated to a beautiful new single from  Priya Ragu. 

The Tamil-Swiss recording artist has been steadily perfecting her craft as an independent artist for some years now. After signing a deal with Warner Records during the lockdown, Priya is ready to take the world by storm.

Priya’s new single Good Love 2.0 blends modern RnB stylings with traditional tabla – paying homage to influences close to her heart. Born and raised in Switzerland to Sri Lankan parents, Priya’s previously released music has always shared the same duality that all second-generation immigrants can feel at times. Good Love 2.0 is no exception making the song part western pop, part Kollywood and 100% Priya.

 Priya Ragu

The song’s lyrics focus on the passion of first love and it is strong enough to triumph over any adversity. 

Good Love 2.0 has already even been snapped by for the FIFA 21 soundtrack and predict more good news to follow in the coming months. 

Check out the full track below and be prepared to hear much more from Priya in the future…