[Premiere] Oz releases otherworldly EP – Jupiter

Authentic, unapologetic and talented beyond her years, Oz is swiftly becoming one of the most exciting music acts of 2020. Her previous releases have ventured into every corner of the alt-pop and art-rock genre and produced a sound wholly unique. From her powerful and punchy track ‘Foot Down’ or her hypnotic vocal on track ‘Murder’, each release has offered us a different glimpse at her eclectic influences. 

Today Oz returns with a new EP and music video for title track ‘Jupiter’. The excitement of the thumping production is matched by Oz’s fierce vocals and imaginative songwriting.

“‘Jupiter’ is a character that I based on my best friend, who is one of the fiercest women I know. There’s a little bit of Jupiter in every woman. She is the side of you that’s fearless, confident, mesmerising and empowering. I always hated the phrase ‘men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.’ Fuck that. I wanna be like Jupiter. I’m really proud of how this video came out. It was all made using zoom and stock footage and we managed to make it from opposite sides of the ocean but I think we managed to create something really great” – Oz

Jupiter is more than an EP, it’s an introduction into the world of Oz. No two songs sound the same, yet as a collection, they all meticulously blend. It’s difficult to place Oz in any one genre, an argument could be made for pop, rock and even country but regardless of what box her EP ticks, we’re already excited for what comes next.