Being beloved without leaving your comfort zone

One of our societies most liked person is Keanu Reeves, who is an introvert. He’s not trying to be the funniest person in the room, nor act like a superstar, yet there are only a few people don’t like him. He is called the “internet’s boyfriends”, and all he does is being himself.

One of the main problems with the introverts is that they try their best to act like a charismatic, extroverted person, but they shouldn’t do that. So in this article, we will give you a few tips on how to be a charming person, without getting out of your comfort zone.

Reflect on others

One of our lousy tendency is that we always want the spotlight to be on us. And to be honest, nobody made himself more likeable just by bragging about himself. What Keanu Does instead of this, is that he praises others instead of himself. For example, we all know his “you’re breathtaking” sentence at E3, which is a perfect example of this. Instead of celebrating that moment, he didn’t hesitate to compliment back the brave fan.

But if you watch one of his interviews, you will see how he always praises his co-workers. He was even accused that he can’t take compliments, which is a good thing. If we always show that our merits are because of others help, will help us stay down-to-earth.

And yes, I know we are not as popular as Keanu, and we won’t have the chance to compliment others in front of thousands of people. But that’s not the point. It’s enough if you only compliment someone face to face, and that person will immediately become your “fan”. So being kind and popular always starts with just one kind act.


The way many introverted people tells a story is not something that you should do as a public speaker. For instance, even Keanu, when he’s in an interview, he spends long seconds without looking in the eye of a person he’s talking with. That may not be a kind gesture, but it makes him more comfortable, and somehow it gives more credibility to him.

Some body-language experts say that if you don’t look in the eye of someone that means that you try to remember something. This shows that you tell the truth without trying to make the story better. So my point here is, that always be authentic to yourself. If you feel more confident telling a story without looking in the other person eye, or without gesturing with your hand than go for it. The rest of the group who listens to you will see that you’re an honest and kind person.


Introverted people tend to be the most talented ones. To give an example with Keanu, he likes motorcycling and horseback riding. So when a movie scene includes a motorcycle or a horse, he doesn’t ask his stunt to the job for him.

We all have a passion for something. This can be anything from drawing to gaming. The point is to find something that you enjoy doing and you’re in your “happy place” while doing it. Don’t do this to be good at something; do this to make your life more complete. Fill your time with something you like to do. For this, try out as many things as possible. You can find harmony in your life by fishing, doing DIY projects, playing casino games like Book of Ra 10. It depends on you. The only thing to keep in mind is to do it for yourself, not to impress others.

Be generous

Another significant aspect of Keanu why he is one of the most liked people on the internet is that he gives a lot. You can’t say that he does that because he’s rich. Because he provides a lot from his time, as well. A resource that we all have the same. To say a few examples, he once stopped on the road just to help someone with a broken-down car. Later on an interview, she said that the person was Octavia Spencer, and Keanu stopped without knowing that. Another epic move from Keanu was when he sits down on the street and hang out with a homeless person.

You may ask why is he doing all that? The answer is simple, compassion. If you notice the opportunities when you can help and do the right thing, you will be the most satisfied person on earth. Not because you made a few real friends, but because you made the earth a better place. There is a saying that “you only posses the things you give away”. So if you give away kindness, you will always be a kind and generous person in some peoples mind.

Wrap up

After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re the loudest or funniest person alive. The only thing that matters is how other people saw you. There is no problem being funny, or charismatic but don’t do this to others harm. If you wanna be sure you do the right thing always live by the “do to others what you want them to do to you” rule.