[Weekly Playlist] Your Grandparents

Rising R&B/Hip Hop trio Your Grandparents are the coolest young old people you know, and soon you’ll be telling all your friends to listen to ‘your grandparents.’ Composed of vocalists DaCosta, Jean Carter, and producer ghettoblasterman, Your Grandparents recently released a new single “Tomorrow.” The upbeat, smooth funk track was co-produced by ghettoblasterman, Chris Nelson, and GRAMMY Award-winning producer Cole M.G.N. (Beck, Blood Orange, Christine and the Queens). 

“Tomorrow” is the latest offering from Your Grandparents’ forthcoming debut album and follows their recent critically acclaimed lead single “So Damn Fly.”

On the release of their new song, Your Grandparents share, “‘Our new single ‘Tomorrow’ is a funkadelic cry for reassurance from a lover.” We asked the trio to put together a playlist of songs that inspired them while writing “Tomorrow.” Check it out below.

OutKast – “She Lives in My Lap” (feat. Rosario Dawson)

This OutKast track was the inspiration for the drums on our new single “Tomorrow.” We wanted something high energy that we hadn’t done before. Also we live for OutKast! 

Curtis Mayfield – “Pusherman” 

“Pusherman” was the reference we used during the session making of “Tomorrow” with Cole MGN.  We’d been watching a lot of Blaxploitation movies at the time as well and diving into that world. The Superfly soundtrack has been on repeat since.  

James Brown – “Get Up Offa That Thang”

This is another high energy song that we really vibe with. James Brown is definitely someone we can say put his all into each of his performances. We plan on giving it everything we got when performing and recording all of our own tracks.

Kendrick Lamar – “LUST.”

This was ghettoblasterman’s inspiration for his high vocals on “Tomorrow” and how he wanted to approach the song in general. We appreciate the left turn Kendrick takes to deliver the message in that song. It inspired us to try something a little different.

Your Grandparents – “Groove”

This track is a similar energy to “Tomorrow” and in our eyes is an “upgraded version” of “Groove” from our debut EP. We always want to give you a song that’s upbeat and gets people moving.

Kendrick Lamar – “i.”

This is the type of energy we want to bring to the live version of “Tomorrow” when the Rona goes away and we can do shows again. We always want our performances to be powerful and fulfilling.  

Frank Ocean – “Nights”

Surprisingly, this was one of the mix references on “Tomorrow.” It’s just an amazing song to reference for mixing and song structure in general. 

Childish Gambino – “Riot”

The instrumentation in this song as well as on Childish’s “Awaken, My Love!” album definitely inspired us to incorporate more live instruments into our own music. We played around with everything from live drums to trumpets while making our new song “Tomorrow.”

Pharrell Williams – “How Does It Feel?”

This was one of the references we used when I came down to mixing our new project. There’s so much life in the drums and in the instrumentation. Pharrell really is a genius.  

OutKast – “Roses”

“Roses” inspired how we approached the overall making of our song “Tomorrow.” We wanted it to be something that was easy to remember but not super cheesy. Having a song that is easy to digest but is also of quality is really important and can sometimes prove difficult for an artist to do. This song was the blueprint for that and helped us do all of those things.