Trinity Square In conversation With FAULT Magazine



Trinity Square is one of the UK’s most exciting new music groups to hit the scene in a while. The Nottingham four-piece having already receiving a seal of approval from Young T and Bugsey, earlier this week they debuted their single and video for the track  ‘Down’, taken from their newly released debut mixtape ‘TS Way.

Drawing inspiration from the UK and USA rap and RnB scene, the Trinity Square sound resembles nothing we’ve heard before but everything we want to continue listening to. To find out more about their mixtape, journey and aspirations, we caught up with the exciting new group soon to take over the airwaves.

How long, how long have you guys been working on this and all these different tracks?

Trinity Square: It’s not something we’ve been working towards; we’ve been recording and making music for years now, so this EP was just the best opportunity we had to release get a body of work ou there.


You dropped the video for Down also, do you have much creative control over your visual work?

Trinity Square: It’s very diplomatic, we’ll talk to managers and see what they think, and then we’ll all agree on something. When it comes to creative control, we always want to be involved because we’re the ones in the actual video.


You also have big named backing you, do you feel a lot of pressure to live up to the hype?

Trinity Square: No pressure over here! Music is second nature to us, and we believe in our craft and believe in our hard work.

Trinity Square

You all play your roles, and they mesh organically. can you tell me the backstory behind how you formed and how you coordinate each track?

Trinity Square: You hit the nail on the head there, because it is very organic. It’s not really a picking and choosing situation; it just happens. Before the group we’ve been friends together a lot, right now we’re in the studio recording, but it’s way deeper than music. Everything we do in life is coordinated, so when it comes to music, we just bounce off each other naturally, and it shows on the track.

I saw a clip of one of your Nottingham shows and the crow is going wild, do you think there’s something special about performing on your home turf?

Trinity Square: We had a few shows building up to that, by the time we got to the Nottingham show, seeing everything on social media and knowing a lot of people in Nottingham, the energy was crazy.



What are you most excited about for the rest of the year?

Trinity Square: More music, we’re trying to get the ball rolling, and we’re excited for you lot to hear it. This is just the beginning; we’ve got new music to put out after the tape. The tape is just an example of the types of music we’re looking to put out.

What was the most challenging part about getting this mixtape together?

Trinity Square: Communication. We have a lot of people working on the tape and to get it over the line there’s a lot we’ve got to do. There are so many different people who need to communicate to get things done, and it’s out the first time, so we’re all learning how it works at the same time. We’re really hands-on, but it’s helping us for the next project, and it’ll only get better as we go on.


How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Trinity Square: We played a tune to Young T, and he explained it as “he thought he was on a cloud”. It’s a wave, it’s a blend of UK and American influences, but I promise it’s nothing that you’ve heard before.

You know, which musicians inspire you to create your unique sound?

Trinity Square: We all grown up in different households, so we all listen to different music. It’s why we’re such versatility, our parents listened to old school hip-hop and RnB, but we’ve all grown up on UK rap and American hip-hop so there are so many different influences that the list would be endless.


What would be your dream gig?

Trinity Square:  Madison Square Garden sold out. Today is the 24th August 2020, and we’re going on record that we’ll play there at least.


What is your FAULT?

If we’re honest, it’s definitely making sure that we stay consistent on music. We work really hard, but we might get drawn into other things, and the goal for us is to make sure we remain focussed on music.