[Premiere] RVBY shares slinky new synth-pop single “Lovesick”

Bristol-based artist RVBY continues her musical ascent with her new single “Lovesick.”

A strong display of her songwriting talents, “Lovesick” is a sensual modern pop track, which pairs honest, heart-on-sleeve lyricism with her unique, shimmering vocals. It marks her third single release of the new decade, following previous tracks “Red Light” and “Wildfire.”

Reflecting on the creation of “Lovesick,” RVBY explains: “Sat shoulder to shoulder in the strangest of situations with someone who is unexplainably special to me and there I had ‘Lovesick’ written within the next 24 hours.”

Along with the new single RVBY shares a self-directed and edited music video. “I’ve always loved creating films and having full artistic control over my music videos is so important to show people the real me,” she shares. “I knew that I wanted to have my best friends involved and just have so much fun with ‘Lovesick.'”