[Premiere] Donovan Woods new music video for track She Waits For Me to Come Back Down

By now, Donovan Woods’ world-class songwriting talents are it’s no great secret. His fifth studio album Both Ways is a tapestry of beautifully crafted music, all of which show off not only his master storytelling skills but an impeccably hypnotic singing tone.

Today Donovan Woods returns with a brand new music video for single ‘She Waits For Me to Come Back Down feat. Katie Pruitt’. The duet, written by the two while a wonderfully delicate lovesong, is steeped in darker yet more realistic depiction of love often left out of swooning ballads. The pair originally performed the song last year while on tour and decided to record it for Donovan Woods’ upcoming November album ‘Without People’.

Donovan had this to say about the track:

“Katie Pruitt and I wrote this together and it was her idea — a love song for her girlfriend, I think,” says Woods. “I love the mood in this song. It’s lovely and sweet, but steeped in a bit of worry that we may be hearing about a slightly unhealthy relationship. But aren’t all the good ones? A friend of mine told me after hearing it that, “I’m a mess and she’s a masterpiece,” is a line that could only be written by a woman about a woman. I don’t know if that’s true, but luckily that is the case here.”

Check out the music video created by LA-based choreographer/dancer Mackenzie Martin below!