[Premiere] Cosmo’s Midnight shares new single “Idaho”

Australian duo Cosmo’s Midnight continues to tease their forthcoming sophomore album “Yesteryear” today with the release of the single “Idaho.” The 70s soft rock influenced track rides an effortless groove and paired with lead singer Pat’s delicate falsetto, provides a breath of fresh summer air. The accompanying music video shows snapshots of the pair’s life in the studio, on the waterfront, and more, giving us a glimpse into their carefree state of mind.

Cosmo’s Midnight say of the single: “‘Idaho’ is a funky and laid back song about the ‘grass is greener’ syndrome. The inability to be content about your current life. Sometimes you need to go explore an alternate perspective so you realise how good you’ve really got it. It’s ok to make mistakes cos we’ve got youth on our side. We also recruited Wollongong’s very own Stevan to help out with backing vocals which really just glued the whole song together.”

“Yesteryear” charts Cosmo’s Midnight’s progression from acclaimed electronic-pop production to a live act of intelligent design and feel. Including a string of singles already reaching over 41 million online streams, the record introduces a new self-assured era for the left-centre duo, putting their passion to work and founding a sophisticated blend of the sounds they grew up with which have shaped a chameleon-like output today. Switching between collaborations to themselves on leading vocals, and nostalgic tones to the contemporary acumen we know and love from the twin act, “Yesteryear” presents a journey through reflections on their past that ultimately showcase where their prolific sound will take them next.

“Yesteryear” is out October 2nd and you can pre-order it here.