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Justin Jesso

Interview: Miles Holder

Justin Jesso has been on our radar for a while now, be it his emotional songwriting skills or his world-class vocal performances, the artist is undoubtedly one of the most exciting musicians of 2020. With rumblings of a new album on the horizon and high off the success of his last single ‘If you’re meant to come back’, we caught up with Justin to discuss his songwriting, album and of course, his FAULTs. 

When you write a song based on your relationship struggles like in ‘Too Good To Lose’, is it therapeutic or do you feel like you’ve given more power to the heartache?

Justin Jesso: Haha well, it depends on the song. Stargazing really helped me get over my ex, for example,. I was able to move on, still believing in love and staying open to it. It helped me develop that life philosophy. 

Getting Closer was written long after the relationship.. so the trip down memory lane wasn’t a debilitating one, but helped me articulate certain feelings I had near the end of the relationship… latent feelings I probably still needed to deal with on some level. 

If You’re Meant to Come Back was more joyous all around and liberating to acknowledge that if its meant to be, its meant to be. 

Too Good To Lose was written about a relationship I was (and still am) in. I was missing my significant other while on the road, but also knew it was unfair to continue the relationship when I couldn’t be there. When things were good they were great, but there were problems in the relationship, and I felt like I should probably let them go… but the good times and my desire not to be alone kept me hanging on. I still am. Maybe it is past its expiration date, or perhaps it is too good to lose *I hope they aren’t reading this right now hahah! 

Emotionally, what’s been your most challenging song to write?

Justin Jesso: Bigger Than. For sure. It wasn’t about a relationship… it was about facing my fears and trying to be bigger than my problems, being a good person always and knowing what is important in life. I realized through writing it and through shooting the music video for it how much some of my fears were affecting me. 

Does your process change when you’re writing a song for yourself vs when you’re writing for another artist?

Justin Jesso: Yes and no. Unless I’m in the room with another artist, and even then, on some level, I am always writing from my personal experiences… I am always writing for myself. I think that’s the way to get at honesty. However, I try not to block myself when I am writing for me either… if there is a good idea that pops up, and it just doesn’t fit my personal artistic esthetic, I still run with it and see where it takes me. End of the day, I just want to write the best song… if it ends up on me or someone else. 

What’s the last song you listened to that made you cry? 

Justin Jesso: Jealous by Labrinth. More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress

Justin Jesso

You’re currently working on a new EP, do you have more details about the release?

Justin Jesso: Ohhhh hopefully by the end of the year!! I am so excited to share the new music!!!

What’s a question no journalist has ever asked you but is something you’ve always wanted to say or discuss?

Justin Jesso: Interesting.. what’s the one question you have never asked as a journalist? Gimme that one! I think right now; I want to make sure people are ok. It is such a difficult time in the world everywhere… People are struggling… I am so lucky to do what I love, to have a roof over my head; I want people to know it’s ok to feel awful.. and to keep fighting cause it will get better. I don’t know if this is too PC of an answer.. but that’s what I feel like we need to be discussing right now… people, struggles, mental health, knowing we will get through this. 

When you look back on your career in 30 years, what would you like your music to have said about you?

Justin Jesso: Well f*ck, he gave it everything. That will last forever.

What is your FAULT? (Personal flaw) 

Justin Jesso: SO MANY WHERE DO I START! Currently alone in LA and Drinking wine… *is that a flaw or just a good Monday night? 

I’m Needy and not good at being alone *see the latest single.

I care too much (which shouldn’t be a flaw but in today’s warped society somehow it is). I am too emotional. Trader Joes Cookie butter and Nutella and Dominoes Cheesy bread. – will eat whenever offered. 

I’m indecisive (should I end this here, I don’t know)…It will never be enough.