FAULT Magazine In Conversation with Vershon + BTS look at Reality Shoot

Vershon X FAULT Magazine

Interview: Miles Holder

It was Vershon’s 2015 hit, ‘Inna Real Life’ which first catapulted him to international stardom. Inspired by his real-life experiences, the track tells the struggles Vershon experienced growing up, a story which resonated with audiences across the globe and hit number one in his home country of Jamaica.

This week sees the release of Vershon’s latest single ‘Reality’ in which the young star teams up with British rapper Chip. Taken from Vershon’s upcoming EP ‘Only One’, while summer 2020 might be cancelled, the pair bring the heat and an even hotter music video.

We caught up with Vershon to discuss the single, his upcoming Ep and of course, his FAULTs.



Your new single ‘Reality’ features London rapper Chip, how did you guys start working together?

Vershon: The song was recorded as a single with just me and The Fanatix got Chip on a remix version, but in the end, I decided that I didn’t want to do a remix and wanted to do one version. I’m not too familiar with the UK rap scene, but I’ve known Chip for a long time.


It’s been over five years since ‘Inna Real Life’ released, what’s been the greatest progression you’ve seen in yourself as an artist since then?

Vershon: I’m more focused now when it comes to my music choices.


It’s a diverse EP which doesn’t stick to the same theme and mood throughout. Did you set out to really experiment on his record?

Vershon: Not really, but when I got the first mixes back, it changed the mood and the vibe. I look at ‘Only One’ as a moving target which isn’t only staying in one direction.

Do you have a favourite song from the project?

Vershon: I think ‘Stick By Me’, it’s the first time doing something like that and it’s really different. I doubt that when it comes out that people are really going to tell it’s me! It was the first song I ever recorded in Montego Bay, and I wrote it with Plan B. When The Fanatix went home, they called me and said: “Let’s do a whole EP!”


As a songwriter, do you need a particular environment to work with or are you constantly writing all the time?

Vershon: I’m always writing, and now with phones, it’s easy. I am just always recording and writing.



What’s the hardest hurdle you’ve had to climb to take your music to the next level?

Vershon: There’s a lot of struggles because some places won’t play my music because they think it’s too grungy and grimy for their stations, but that’s fine with me.


What would you say is your biggest career highlight?

Vershon: When ‘Inna Real Life’ came out and went number 1 in jamaica, I shouted “finally!’ because I’d been working so hard and searching and getting nowhere. Then it came out, and it was big, just like that.

If you could go back to the start of your career and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?

Vershon: Stay humble, stay focussed and continue doing good.


What is your FAULT?

Vershon: Sometimes some simple things can get me upset, but I’m working on it.


Do you think that comes from being so passionate about the art you create?

Vershon: I think so, and I believe my past has a lot to do with it. Where I’m from it’s hardcore and rough and growing up it was just mum alone and no dad.


In what ways would you say that your experience growing up influenced your music?

Vershon: There are many ways, and some good has come from it. ‘Inna Real Life’ was my life story, and that ended up having a positive outcome.

When you look back on your career in 50 years, what do you want to have said with your art?

Vershon: Well, I can’t speak for that far, but hopefully, I can look at a few more number ones and a grammy.


What are you most excited about for the remainder of 2020?

Vershon: I think 2020 is cancelled so I don’t know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to coming to the UK because we have a second EP to work on and it’d be good to work with The Fanatix together in London.

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